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Superbike School-anyone done level 2-m going to 18&19 PI

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Aceaaron, Sep 25, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    i have booked myself to do level 1 & 2 on 18th & 19th of Oct at Philip Island.

    i have not done any of the courses before and after 1.5 year putting off, i am flying down from Brisbane to do it finally...

    From forums here and at other places, i have a pretty good idea how level 1 will go, has anyone done level 2 and can give me a bit of write up about it ( or point me to someplace when i can read about it)- i am a bit of control freak - just like to know what i am getting into. I understand there was an article in Cycle Torque about it in Aug but i miss that edition.

    many thanks in advance

    Any other netrider going to either of the courses on 18 and 19th Oct?

  2. Don't read the write up's, go open minded and you'll get more out of it.
  3. hi Ian,

    i dont think by having an idea of what might happen will impede my learning. I am not asking detail explaination what exercise and why will be done on the day.

    One does like to have an idea of what's going to happen - i have read what other people wrote about level 1 - i cant see how that might impede my learning on level 1.

    any netrider coming?
  4. I've done level 2, the focus is on what you see and what you do with what you see. Level 2 is good value. I'm with Ian, don't think too much about it, but get the book to read AFTER you've done the course for clarification and to remember the points that were taught.

    You will have a ball, SBS is great fun and great value for your riding. :wink:
  5. Ok, You'll have 5 class room sessions each followed by a session on track.
    Lunch is served after track session 2.
    While on track, your Instructor (assigned to a max of 3 students, and it maybe me) will find you on track and give you some guidance.
    You'll finish the day, extremely tired and mentally drained but in possession of some amazing info that will knock seconds of your track pb's
  6. Ace, what an effort from Brissy to PI.
    Congratulations.You will find it very worthwhile and will learn heaps of stuff, that will improve your road riding no end.
    Hope you enjoy the day very much.
  7. It's a long way to travel down and do the course.

    I have been wanting to combine it with a road trip to victoria and ride a few great road that state has to offer, but figure out that road trip will take a long time from being in planning to actually happening.

    So i am flying down for three days just to do that, did the cost caluclation the other night, the trip is going cost me about $2,000 including the school (providing i dont have a fall). - At that cost, it's better be worthwhile.

  8. Hi Ace,

    I'm doing level 3 on the 18th of Oct.

    Dont sweat the info too much prior, everyone is right when they say the best thing you can do is go into the classes with an open mind & a willingness to practice what you are taught.

    I have got huge gains out of both the level 1 & 2 courses & look forward to level 3 with great anticipation.

    I will try & catch up with you as we get the track briefing, I'm riding a black Ducati Monster 600 & will be wearing Tiger Angel leathers.

    see ya at the track :grin:
  9. Huge gains! Time was, not all that long ago, that following the beautiful Mrs Scumbag was a leisurely activity punctuated with a few 'oh my God, she's braking' moments. No more....Last time out I was following at a safe distance, expecting the very visible moments of doubt into the corners. Except they didn't come. On we pushed, at a steady pace but vastly faster (and heaps safer) than she'd done before.

    Coming back over Junction Hill I made a break for freedom and was checking my rear view mirrors, only to see Mrs Scumbag tenaciously stay within 100m of my rear tyre. This improvement came from Lvl1 and Lvl2. With 15 more ponies and lvl3 under her belt I anticipate further improvements.

    CSBS is one of the best confidence and skills courses around. Good luck!
  10. Hey Ace,

    I think you'll find you won't regret the effort (and cost) at all!

    The only advice that I'll give, as I wish I'd had it before I did my level 2, was that I found that Level 2 kinda pulls your riding to bits and then puts it all back together again at the end. So don't fret if during the day it all feels like it isn't working cos it will, and better, by the time you finish!

    Level 1 is much more straightforward so just enjoy!

  11. Hi all,

    thanks for the feedback... i am looking forward to the course, plus i get to ride the island as well, after seeing it on TV for yearssssss. :grin:

    i will catch up with u mrs scumbag... i will be in a red/black collins leather and nolan helmet...


  12. i will be doing level 1 on the 19th october and cant wait.