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Superbike School 3rd Sep at PI

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by dima, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I wonder if anybody is going to to the Superbike school on the 3rd of Sep?
    Want to book level 1 and 2 for 2 days and:

    - want to ride there with somebody on Sunday (2nd) and/or back (4th);
    - possibly share accommodation (2 nights basically);
    - hear your feedback, is it ok to do the 2 levels in a raw?

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

  2. I've been meaning to do one of these, if i can find the cash (hurry up tax return) maybe ill book in.

    You are gonna be spent after 2 days of doing it, especially riding down and back! But ill let someone who's done it advise :)
  3. I did lvl 1 & 2 back to back in June. I had no issues, but the ones I did were designed to be done together.
  4. Yeah but you were in California
  5. You know it!

    It is the same course though, just more track sessions, low teacher:student ratio & better bikes.
  6. Don't know about doing it in the raw but I suggest you trailer your bike down. Two days of css and you'll be pretty knackered and what happens if you bin it?
  7. Thanks guys for the replies.

    What is the difference between levels that are designed together and not? Aren't those the same?

    Do you think I'll be worn out after 2 days?

    My thinking was that there are only 5x20 mins on track during the day (which is only 1:40 hrs). Not sure that's enough to tire me :).
    All the rest is supposed to be in-class which I don't think is very tiresome.

    But the ride there will be pretty long which I can't escape since I don't have a trailer :(

    Also I want to do the L1 on my 250 (which is covered by QBE).
    I wanted to do the L2 on their Gixxers though (to try a bigger bike and still be covered by insurance, even with super high excess).

    In any case, I'm going to book L1 soon. Will see what people are going to say about L1+L2.

    If anybody is going there, I would love to catch up to ride there on Sunday, find a place to stay overnight etc.

  8. The class work and track exercises are the same, just trainer expectations are different and the one on one stuff. Kept in mind you can't do the two day camps here, all my info comes from the US CSS.

    Have you ever done a track day before? I think you'll find that the physical & mental strain suck all of the energy out of you.

    Protip: rent, beg or borrow a trailer. Riding to and from track days sucks giant salty nuts.
  9. As i said, i havent done css yet, but a track day will take a lot more out of you than you'd think, especially if you push yourself a bit.

    trailers are also the way to go! you'll be tired, and it will be early heading down/late back... and you always have to considered what happens if you bin the bike :(
  10. Well, we'll only be less than 2 hrs on a track.
    It doesn't look like a "track day", rather like a lesson.

    Yeah, what I'll do though is:

    - Ride there a day before and stay overnigh.
    - Ask my wife to pick me up if I'll bin the bike.
    - Ask the insurance to pick the bike if it will be bined.

    Also this is what guys from Superbike school told RE 2 days in a raw:

    Haven't been on any track days before. But the CSS isn't all about track (it's only <2 hrs on the track). Isn't it?

    Will think about hiring a trailer. Thanks.
  11. I'm not trying to discourage you, and my thoughts were the same regarding css, more a lesson based session. Regardless, a standard track day is 7*15 min sessions, and a lot of people have packed up and gone by the time the last one comes around.

    Remember if she does come to pick you up, PI is a long way from most places in Melb, could be time consuming.

    Just fuel for thought :)
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  12. I have done CSS level one and two, would I do them back to back? Probably not, at least one day in between.

    I recommend doing level one, applying what you have just been taught to your riding then going back at a later date for level two. Each level will end with the beginnings of the next level also.

    Stop focusing on the amount of time spent on the track, you will use your brain a huge amount during the off track sessions and the on track sessions, this will in itself drain you. If you've never been on a track, the first few laps are pretty daunting, staring down the straight into turn one is pretty amazing sight!

    As far as bikes go, you are only allowed to ride what you are licensed for. So if you're on restrictions you'll be on a LAMS bike, I'd guess your bike is fairly inexpensive? I'd be riding it, binning it in level one or two are slim even though we had a bin in level two. I did level one on a mates bike, still 1000 but I hadn't had mine for long and never been on a track, the second time I used mine and loved it. The bike you choose to use is fairly irrelevant as the same principles apply, speed is not what you are taught it's all about technique. As they say, anyone can go fast down the straight and they know most will try it on...I did!

    Trailer is a wise bit of info, get there the night before and have an early night, drive home the next night if you wish.

    Either way you decide to do it, you will learn a lot, much more than following some experienced riders who may have bad habits. It isn't the cheapest option but I believe the money spent becomes irrelevant when you start applying the techniques taught to you. I'll go back for level three some time soonish.

    Before you go, watch Keith Codes 'twist of the wrist'.
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  13. Wow, I didn't realise the tracks are 7x15. Thanks a lot for the suggestions. Will have to rethink it.

    Based on what everybody has said here I think I won't do L2 back to back. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

    Got it. Thanks!

    I'm on unrestricted now but my small (inexpensive) bike is covered by QBE for level one only. So definitely will be on it for the L1.

    I thought about using their bike on L2, but probably some time later.

    Now I start to take the "trailer" suggestion seriously. Everybody says.
    But I'd have to find where to get it (maybe somebody will be going there? :applause: )

    Yeah, done that multiple times (and re-watch it occasionally). Actually the Twist Of The Wrist was the reason for choosing CSS.
  14. I've done track days and CSS, & I know a lot of people that have done both. If you are not munted after 1 day you're not doing it right. Track time is not like road time, do not assume that 2 hours on a track will be like 2 hours on a road.

    Also CSS and track days have a similar schedule, except at CSS instead of having a break between sessions you have a class.
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  15. While I was at the track for CSS1, I was fine (at least, I thought so at the time). Then I rode the 5min back to my accommodation, and I realised I was absolutely stuffed! It's quite an intensive day of learning. Don't under-estimate how much it will take out of you.
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  16. Insurance and tracks don't mix
  17. I did L1 in april. I'm fit as a Malley Bull and was completely ****ed by the last session.

    The point is, it IS a lesson, hence you are concentrating on getting the techniques right as well as just getting around the track at speed and not crashing. Its mentally exhausting as well as physically.
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  18. I actually did level 1 & 2 one after the other at PI (on a Friday and Saturday). I enjoyed level 1 so much, but was absolutely buggered, but couldn't wait get back on the bike the next day and do level 2.

    I did trailer my bike down ... having said that there is probably very little chance of you dropping the bike at the school, that's generally reserved for those that know they can ride like Casey and go and slide it down the road within the first 5 laps.:)

    For what it's worth I'd never had my bike on the track either and was pretty tentative about dropping it. After doing the school I wouldn't think twice about getting on the track as I find it so much more enjoyable than the road, as you know what's comming on the track ....

    Everyone has their own opinions, I say just do it, you'll have a blast and with any luck you'll find riding becomes so much easier.

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  19. Make sure your bike is in good mechanical condition a couple of weeks in advance, so you have time to fix anything that isn't up to scratch. You'll also need to have 2mm (minimum) of tread on your tyres. And whatever you do, don't forget to check how much meat's on your brake pads!
  20. See ya's there!