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Superbike school - 21/4/11 - Free trailer and accom

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by akaluke, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    There's a California Superbike School at Phillip Island on Thursday 21st April 2011.

    I'm booked in for Level 1.

    I was going with a mate but he's had to cancel.


    I've got a hotel room booked and no one to share the trailer with.

    So I need some help.

    If anyone is doing (or wants to do) CSS on 21/4 and either:

    a. Has a spare trailer spot


    and here's the free part...

    b. If you want to do the Superbike school on 21st April and don't mind sharing a trailer. I'll pay for the trailer and throw in a free bed for the Wednesday night at the Seahorse Motel in Cowes. Can't beat that deal.

    CSS will cost you $500. There are still spots available at all levels.


    PM me if you wish to discuss.
  2. I just booked on 22/04. That's a shame.
  3. Hey mate Ill be heading up and should be able to borrow a trailer, (a 3 bike,) you wouldnt have car that'll tow it would you? That might work out a treat!
  4. Sheeth - yup - I've got a Commodore Wagon with a towbar. And you live in Oakleigh. I'm in Mount Waverley. Looks like a plan coming together. Still got your R1? The trailer would look really good with a couple of R1s on it ;)
  5. PS - can you back a trailer?
  6. Hmm this could work out really well!

    The trailer that I can use isn't mine though, its my brothers boss's. We'd need to pick it up from Moorabbin, and I'll have to double check we can grab it, (I'll do that tomorrow when he's in for work.) Should be cool, just a bit more of a hassle driving around on Wednesday is all.

    In answer to your questions Luke yes I do still have the R1, but I think I'll be bringing the tracky if its up and running. In fact maybe if we get a 3 bike I'll take both, the R1 is awesome on track.

    And yes I've back a trailer before but I'm no pro, I don't think we'll need to do stacks of backing do you?

    This could work out really well man, lets sort this out!
  7. So you guys are leaving Wed right?
  8. @dmalcantara - yep - leaving Wednesday night - staying at the Seahorse Motel (already booked - 1 room, queen bed plus single).

    @sheeth - yep - let's do it. If you can't get the trailer - I know where we can hire one.
  9. Hell yeah mate sounds like a plan!

    I'll let you know tomorrow about our free trailer, either way sounds like it'll work out fine.

    Are you heading to the intermediate ride tonight? I'll be heading down, I'd love to see your 09!
  10. won't be heading down tonight (weather looks shit, broke the zip on my jacket, trying to keep my licence, yada, yada)... ;)
  11. All good for the trailer mate, we just need to pick it up during the day(ish) on Wednesday. Its a 3 bike too so I could bring both bikes!

    How does that line up with you mate?