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Superbike Cornering School 26/01/05

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Lurk, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Okay Im booked for the cornerning school level 1 ride on the 26th Jan
    Anyone else from netrider going on this one..

  2. i'm not going but i've done it before, its really good i learnt heaps
  3. Enjoy, you will have a ball and learn heaps. The only advice I would have is to consider taking the last couple of sessions a bit easier and concentrate on technique. You will be getting tired by then. PI should be great.
  4. I did level 1 a year ago and had THE best time.. Steve Brouggy was a nice guy and you got heaps of tips on technique from the instructors. Level 1 was very track based about getting entry speed etc and Phillip Island was soooo much fun, so nice not having to worry about oncoming traffic! I rode up/back in the day and wasn't too tired but was stuffed the next day! Have fun! :D
  5. I will be there with a bunch of CBR250.com guys, funny thing is out of the 6 of us doing SBS, none of us have 250's... ;)

    If you see a bunch of close knit guys on
    1XGix600+1x750 (me)
    1xCBR600F4i (or maybe NSR250)
    1xduc 748

    Come say hello :)
  6. Hey Lurk, pleased to meet you. I will see you there, also doing level 1 on the same day. My step brother is doing it too, but he's a level 2 this time.
  7. Cornering School you say...
    hmmm..... anyone got a web link so i can check out the details????
  8. SBS cornering school

    I did level 1 cornering school at PI a couple of years ago. Great info... a practical explanation of the stuff in the Keith Code books and dvd. The way the day is structured is the trick to realising that info - DON'T FIGHT IT! The structure works and is unusual on purpose. OK!

    My only gripe with SBS was that even though SBS split us up into groups with an instructor, we didn't take off as a group. Each bike was given a colour, but when a session started, we'd hit the track en mass. The instructors would then have to zoom through the pack looking for their colour stripe on a bike and then would tail that bike for a while watching and trying to give tips at speed as best they could. Then they'd zoom off. At the end of the session we'd try to find the instructor, and he'd try to remember what he saw. Pretty poor arrangement actually. Hopefully they've tuned that part up.

    In comparison... I attended a Stay Upright advanced riding course at broadford one time, and we were split into groups and took off as a group. The first lap of each session was the instructor in front demo-ing the skill for that session and all us newbies following. Great idea. He dropped back to second on the main straight and a student took the lead... the rest of the group tailed the instructor. After each lap, the group pulled into the pit and the leading student got some tips (which we all heard). Then we'd pull out again with a new student in the lead and the process repeated. By the end of the day, we had done the track in instructional mode 50+ times, with heaps of tips and pointers after each lap. Now that was money's worth!
  9. Speaking of SBS, I'm going for a track day at PI on March 15th. Anybody else going? Cheers. Rob
  10. Rob
    I am certainly interested. Who is the track day through so I can get details?
  11. Hi Rach.

    The PI track day is through SuperbikeSchool [SBS]. They now have exclusive rights to hold track days at PI. It's been a while since i've done one [been focusing on other things] so I'm looking forward to it. Just had the bike serviced + new front rubber + about to replace front brake pads...

    I'm all ready to rumble!
  12. Sorry to disagree but honda have a ride day on or about the 13th of February..

    And on the SBS website is says
    It's official...we are the preferred suppliers of Cornering Schools and Ride Days at Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit for the next 5 years! And damn are we happy about that
  13. Lurk I stand corrected! "Preferred" does not equal exclusive...

    Well that's good. Maybe some competition will be maintained... I'd like to see "circuit breakers" do some more PI ride days - I think they have a slight edge over SBS on a social friendly level - plus their track marshalls let you know when someone is on your tail in a corner. handy to know!