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superannuation help

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by flexorcist, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. aaaah i've found myself a project... well well well...

    i have superannuation all over the place, most i have some documentation for. i'm currently using AMP and may have to change to the rollover fund but at the moment i'm a little confused.

    if i choose to ignore the missing super for the moment, (it's only a few hundred $ i don't yet feel the need to pay for someone to find it just yet), and i want to rollover the several thousand i have about the place into the one fund... well, i'm having a little trouble.

    i don't know how to log into the AMP one that is current. i also have been looking over the other sites, and can't find a simple way to roll it all into the AMP account.

    will I have to ring all these places and register online etc etc, or does anyone know of a simple way I can log into the AMP account and go, yep supers here, grab it, supers here, grab it??

    help me to help myself!!! :grin:

    thanks in advance.
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  3. aah nice thankyou... i got all confused looking in the ato :)

    and the other ones i was just rolling eyes and thinking faaaaaaaark i'll bet this'll cost
  4. Realy??? ok, just go to this page

    Click the "i Agree" button in bottom right, fill out the info on the next page and hey presto

    Nope, gratis for the the Ausfund one is run by the industry super companies.

    not sure on the other one.
  5. If you work for a not-small company, see if they have a deal with a particular super company.

    I'm with AMP simply because my company has a deal with them where we don't get charged fees and there are a few other lurks and perks too.

    ... that said - when I switched over, AMP arranged the rollover. The only problem was with my personal details for my old MLC fund because my previous employer's accounts person was stupid :?