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Super X - The Australasian Supercross Championships

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Smithy, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. I went along to the Super X media launch on Wednesday, held in Circular Quay. It was very impressive, with Chad Reed, Troy Carrol, Mossy and a few other riders were there to show off their tricks.

    For those who don't know Super X, is the new & improved version of the Supercross Masters. Super X will be very similar to the American style supercross were every part of the events are bigger & better.

    --- media release from the Super X website ----

    Chad Reed’s Super X, The Australasian Supercross Championships is a partnership between Mike Porra the Promoter of the Crusty Demons live tours worldwide and Australia’s greatest ever supercross rider Chad Reed.

    In 2007, Motorcycle Australia, granted the partnership a ten year license to conduct the Australasian Supercross Championships and they immediately went to work planning the all new series.

    Super X will be:
    All new race formats, never seen before.
    New, larger venues with large crowds.
    New, innovative and larger race tracks.
    New & exciting entertainment, Crusty style.
    Best riders in Australia, including Chad Reed & an international flavour.
    Truly national
    Televised nationally
    Driven hard by extensive national PR.

    The series of 7 races will be conducted throughout October and November 2008 in its inaugural year and will build to 10 races by 2010 (see calendar for cities and dates).

    Several never tried before race formats have been developed which will be announced soon. These formats involve shorter, faster and more crowd and TV friendly racing and are sure to capture fans imaginations.

    Further announcements about venues, riders, formats, sponsors and TV coverage will be made over the coming months so check in regularly with superx.com.au.

    The guys running the show are the same people who successfully ran the Crusty Demons tours, and the Kellogs Iron Man series, so this will be a spectacular event.

    Guys this thing is going to be HUGE, and awesome fun for both the spectators & riders.

    Coming to a every major city, so make sure you check it out !!

  2. Sounds great in theory but in reality we don't have the population.
    Moto/Supercross is still a niche sport in this country and they'd struggle to fill a decent venue. Every time I saw it at Rod Laver, the stands were mostly empty.
  3. I'd argue that we do have the population. Australia is the 2nd biggest bike market in the world (2nd to USA), and we have more dirt bikes per capita then any other country. So there are plenty of punters out there that should be keen to come along.

    The problems with Supercross Masters was they had a lack of marketing/publicity, they had small tracks & the racing format was almost the same as moto x.

    Super X will have all the big names in the sport + big tracks + big venues + more entertainment + Live TV coverage.

    They're also starting a Super X racing series for NZ, and parts of Asia. So the Sponsorship $$$$ will be huge, hence the coverage & publicity will be extensive... hence the crowds will be bigger then they have ever been.

    Just look at their success with the Crusty Demons tour. In theory it should be the same spectators attending, and most of them were sold out.
  4. We have the highest dirt bike sales per capita in the world. I wish I was back home so I could go and see this. An awesome initiative which can hopefully bring SX to the masses!

    Too far

  5. I don`t know where you get your figures from mate, but your on drugs. India and China are the biggest markets. Australia is way down on the list with reference to units sold per annum.

    too far
  6. Just because someone buys a WR450, doesn't mean he has even the slightest interest in watching motocross. Most of my trail riding mates had a passing interest in AMA moto/super at best. Most would rather watch the ISDE or Dakar.

    Crusty's is big because everyone knows about FMX and has seen their dvd's. Their shows are also big on the bogan factor, much like monster trucks. Tits and arse, explosions and general arse hattery.

    Unless the new SuperX series intends on having strippers on every corner, blow up jumps and other kind of bogan luring devices. It'll fail just like every series before it.
    But I'm ok with that because I like being able to go and watch the odd motocross race without having a couple of thousand drunk, young bogans hooting and hollering.
  7. Hello Outbreak Monkey from DBW.

    Just because you and your mates don`t follow aus MX & SX. It does not mean that there is not a viable market for this somewhere in Australia. I usually go to 6 or 7 rounds a year when I am in australia and they currently get satisfactory attendance. Better than the road race series at least.

    If Chad does a good job of promoting and running these events, gets reasonable air time on TV, managaes to secure some decent US riders looking for some off season SX training there is all the possibility that they could be a success.

    The event platform is entirely different from anything we have seen here in Oz before and shit-canning this series before it has even started is going to achieve nothing.

    Good on Chad and his partners for having the balls to do something different and having a crack. I really do hope they succed.

  8. Thats a bit rough calling it a bogan event.

    From what I saw at the media launch there will be a spectacular side show, explosions & plenty of entertainment.

    It will be like nothing you have ever seen before and something like this is long over due for Australia, thats for sure.

    I'm just sharing what I saw, and I reckon it will be awesome.
  9. It seems my intentions were misread.

    I wasn't shit canning the series, simply making the comment that if they expect to get the same amount of bums on seats as Crusty's. Then they really need to pander to that type of crowd.
    The only way you do that is more bangs, more broads, more antics and less racing. Not my idea of a world class series.

    If they can get big names out here, that'll surely help. But I'd be surprised if they do. I can't imagine a sponsored rider is going to risk his AMA season for a few extra bucks down under.

    If they hold the Melbourne round at anywhere other than bloody Rod Laver, I'll go. They need to follow the US' lead and hold the races in stadiums, not tennis courts where half the racing takes place under the stands and out of view.
  10. Check out there site, they are getting the big names in & they are holding all the events in big stadiums. There will be no tiny Rod Laver arena crap, as the tracks are full size (US style) & simply won't fit in a small venue.

    event details:
    *Super X kicks off at the Perth Motoplex (WA) on 4 October
    *Adelaide Showground (SA) 18 October
    *Geelong’s Skilled Stadium (VIC) 25 October
    *Parramatta Stadium (NSW) 8 November
    *Wollongong’s WIN Stadium (NSW) 15 November
    *Townsville’s Dairy Farmers Stadium (QLD) 22 November

    The grand final and star-studded Australian Open of Supercross set to be played out at the Brisbane QSAC (QLD) on 29 November and a one off event in Auckland on December 13