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Super ultra mega c@#t tried to kill me

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by OnThe8thGodCreatedHondas, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. Ok... let the venting begin! SO... Let me set the scene, on my way to the city like I do every morning in peek hour traffic. Cruising in the right hand lane, filtering through traffic quite happily and making excellent time, people moving left and right for me well before I even get to them. Up till now no venting required,:LOL: until super ultra mega C@#T enters the story! So I’m filtering through and I come up to a brown Mazda which is right on the white line and next to trailer, so not enough room for me to get through. Oh well it happens right.:roll: So I sit behind her for a bit while the traffic moves quite slowly, at this point I know she has seen me she made direct eye contact. But still hugs the trailer next to her, boxing me in. Till now I had been patient-ish so I give the throttle a little squirt as to say HEY GET IN YOUR F@#ING LANE B@#$H!!!:furious: And she sticks her finger up at me. Well by now the guy with the trailer has seen what has happened moved and changed lanes. So I hit the throttle and im in that lane by super ultra mega c@#t’s passenger window then I cop heap of abuse and an attempted side swipe!! Holy shit RIGHT? This biatch tries to knock me off my brand new bike because I get through traffic faster than she does!:eek:hno: How rude!!! i sincerely hope someone pokes her in the eye really hard! :blackeye:

  2. I would've taken her side mirror as a trophy. What a b*tch.
  3. Sounds like the boyfriend got sh@tfaced and poked her in the wrong eye last night and she wanted retribution.

    Sometimes ooops don't cut it.

    Glad to see she missed .... Keep safe ;-)
  4. I used to have this one guy that I would single out in a landcruiser ute when I was on the scooter. HE hated me going past him, would do everything he could to try and stop me. Scooter is much easier to manouver in traffic, and I could always get in front. I would give him a wave as I passed. Was pleasant to see the steam coming from his ears!
  5. she should go and f*ck herself up the...

    anyways, filtering does piss people off but THAT is going overboard. sideswiping you for you getting to the front of the traffic?

    i hope she plays with a gun this weekend and accidentally...

    la la la :)
  6. Meh happens to pretty much all riders daily, try riding a scooter for a week and see how many people deliberately try to put you into a parked car etc...
  7. Yeh ....about that....:biker:

    Sorry man, but I hate scooters.
  8. Consider yourself spanked :bannanabutt: as we neither encourage nor condone the removal of wing mirrors no matter how little the vehicle's driver may use them.
    The important thing is that OnThe8thGodCreatedThisIncrediblyLongUserName is safe and well and their bike is undamaged and that they now have an experience in the file to work with in the future.
    Remember that while we, as riders, see filtering as a small pay off for all the other sacrifices we make in regards to the commuter experience cagers and, unfortunately, the law see otherwise.
    Personally I say, "F#%K 'EM ALL! Cagers are just jealous and it's only illegal if you get caught."
  9. Unfortunately there's too much "no one deserves a better deal than me" attitude out there.
    I have a brother-in-law and his son who openly admit to closing gaps so m/c can't get through. Why? Purely because see it as fair if they're stuck in traffic, so should motorcycles.
    I've had my episodes with both of them but you'll never get through to some...
    Sad to say, it's just how it is with some and up to us to take care..
  10. :-s bugger i bet ](*,) you were:busting: pissed :D off
    It's a :soapbox:shitty thing :censored: to:butt:have done
    to =; you.
  11. Doesn't help that there isn't a lot of driver education on the issue too. Drivers see it as 'pushing in', and when they see someone having more fun or getting to work quicker than they are they just cant stand for it.

    I'd like it if instead of these cycle lanes you see everywhere if these were motorcycle lanes. A lot of roads can't expand an extra lane wide, but they could easily fit a half lane. most of the time. A lot of countries also have another line a metre in front of where the cars have to stop for bikes - encouraging filtering :)
  12. I've been riding for 14 years and do not see this behaviour in some of the wprst traffic imaginable, Maybe it's the big bike with a deep rumble or maybe it's lane positioning.
  13. I often overtake stationary traffic on my way to work it's a single lane..so I'm not splitting or filtering..I'm overtaking.The road comes up to a roundabout that is on a dual carriageway highway...ok so the last few cars..yup I'm filtering as I move to the front of them..the guy stopped at the front decides to vent about how long it has taken him to get to where he is...'it took me ten f$%king minutes to get here...why dont you wait ya $@^king turn like the rest of us?'...it had just taken me less than a minute to bypass the half a kilometer single lane carpark...so I answered his question with a question 'if ya dont like it..why don't you learn to ride?'..I didn't hang around for the answer...I rarely do.
  14. This is a onesided story but too me it sounded like you were ready to vent the first time anybody choked you in, so you come up on somebody as pissed with commuter traffic as you were, and you let her rattle you......right there you lost! If her attempted sideswipe had made contact, all the "I was in the right" arguments you have wont save you from getting hurt.

    I don't know your riding history and I don't really care, but if you want to be an old bike rider with not too many scars and near miss stories.. try chucking in a little patience, and when you come across those types of drivers having a bad hair day... just find another way around em, have a little chuckle in your helmet and get on enjoying the fact that you are riding a bike and they just don't get it!!
  15. Love it. I am going to design a new sticker this week. 'if ya dont like it..why don't you learn to ride?' I got some iron on shit here that I have been meaning to try out. Maybe I should try it on my jacket!!!

    I promise I will give you half of my profits!!
  16. just a shirt will do..it will save me repeating myself!!
  17. As bad as it is what happened and I condem her actins - I do agree with nobby - try to keep a calm head and then bait them with shit to get them even more angry so they rear end the car in front of them and **** up their week

    the thumbs in the ears waving your fingers at them shits them - but isnt considered a rude gesture - unfortunately with a full face you cant stick out the tongue at the same time
  18. You sure he could hear you? :p I hope he did...
  19. Threads like this make me think I should wear my proper boots more often when I ride... never know when you need to leave a nice footprint in some bitches door.
  20. I was leaving a driveway on a single lane carpark the other night, peak hour traffic. I misread the situation, thinking the dude was letting me but it wasn't till i had my front tyre on the road that i realised he was one of those "pfft, you aint pushing in" types. What got me is that he kept moving forward and just as i had the bike straight he got about 2 inches from my right fairing.

    I kept my cool though and filtered about 5 cars up just to get away from him.

    Some people are tools, plain and simple. Not worth the aggro.