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Super Squalo

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by port80, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Sooo... you too think the Ducati 999S is a bit limp wristed. 150Hp from a 1 litre sports bike, wow Ducati are way behind the Japanese on this one, despite the 109Nm of torque. Leave it up to Australia's Vee Two to show the Italians what they *should* have done to their 186Kg track scalpel. In true Tim-the-tool-man-Taylor-style the Ducati clearly needs MORE POWER! So Vee Two strapped a Binford sixty-five hundred (read: Sprintex) super charger onto the 999S engine and chassis. Also not happy with the styling of the original bike Vee Two gave that a bit a polish too, by basically throwing it in the bin and starting from scratch. They came up with a design that is half way between concept bike and standard Japanese styling. The bike will sell on styling alone if not for the 7PSI of help the engine receives. 99 of these bikes will be made and at $75,000AUD each I think they would give you a lifetime ticket to the cool club. Keep your eye on Chapel St for the Super Squalo.

    - Port

  2. Yes, but it's been almost a year since they showed this bike for the first time, and things have been suspiciously quiet since then. No updates on their website (supersqualo.com), no mentions in the press... you'd think somebody would be interested, and it being an Australian project, shouldn't our motorcycle press be all over it?
    Apparently not...
  3. AMCN pages 4 and 5, debut Isle of Man this year.
  4. I don't have this issue of AMCN, does it have any *real* information? Such as, the status of this whole project? Because as I said, they already showed this bike at some races (last year's Misano, if I remember from their website) but it clearly wasn't anywhere near production-ready at that stage... In fact, it's now just two weeks short of a year since I posted about this bike here:
  5. He's got a point, James; unfortunately many of these mock-up/drawings come along in the hope of drumming up investment, and disappear as quickly as the investment doesn't eventuate. It would be nice, though.... :).
  6. Mick Matheson rode it across Snaefell whilst at the TT, and the Vee Two guys told him they've delievered one already, and have 10 more on the go.
  7. . . . they should have painted it white !, as in Great White.
    Its only fitting !! :grin:

    Squalo does mean Shark in Italian ! (just a bit of trivia !) . . . notice the pretend gills on the belly pan.
  8. Nope, not this time Paul, I know the designer of the Super Squalo, Brook Henry personally. His Vee Two Engineering did all the mods and tuning on my Duke, which is why it can show pretty much any of the later 900SS's a clean pair of heels. I have seen a customer Super Squalo nearing completion in the workshop, and know for a dead set fact that Brook has quite a few orders already, mainly from the USA and the UK. Brook is no stranger to exotic bikes, he also designed the Alchemy and the original Squalo, and has done race engineering under contact to Ducati.
  9. Don't like that exposed drive belt at all, surely on such an expensive bike, a cover could be cobbled up? Safety and impact protection come to mind immediately.

    Regards, Andrew.