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Super Squalo: 200HP of Aussie muscle!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by RacingTurtles, Jun 30, 2006.

  1. As far as I can tell this is a real deal, not a hoax: Super Squalo is a project of Sprintex/Vee Two, legitimate (if small) Perth-based companies who previously did things like adding superchargers to Harley V-Rods - you could actually buy one of these.

    Now comes Super Squalo - they take a Ducati engine and add a supercharger, for a claimed 200BHP. Then they put it all in the body of their own design, giving a claimed weight of 195kg... and it includes all kinds of neat little things you can read about on their website (download the pdf brochure!)

    They plan to make only 99 of these, so be quick with your deposit :)

    more info: http://www.supersqualo.com

    Edit: Fixed the URL, duh!
  2. That url doesn't work
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  4. Yes, because there's no "s" in it

    it should be supersqualo.com
  5. EDIT: OP fixed their's.
  6. While we're at it, one for the old guys, here's the original four-wheeled Super Squalo, arguably the most beautiful front-engined F1 car ever...

    (And that's a Mercedes W196 F1 car, as driven by Moss and Fangio, lurking in the background)
  7. Too right it's not a hoax. These are the guys that 'hotted up' my Ducati. They are top Ducati tuners with a world wide reputation. The Super Squalo is their second bike, the first was the 'Squalo' itself in 97'


    They really know what they are doing, and have a very close relationship with the Ducati factory who are supplying 999R engines and frames for the Super Squalo. The VeeTwo guys have developed their own swingarm though, because they say the 999R's is not rigid enough for 200hp.
  8. Lovely Hornet - but I still like the Merc better. :grin:
  9. Baaaa, two wheels good, four wheels bad, two wheels good, four wheels bad......

    (Apologies to George Orwell)
  10. Brook Henry is a gentleman and a madman.
    The goods they produce there, in Malaga is phenominal! :shock:
    Ben Henry is also quite competitive in the Aus series, on his Duke.
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  12. 25 large isn't that much for a custom bike. Stock Harleys are that much and more. I'm in the market for a new bike but the budget won't fly that far :cry:

    25 thousand dollar question:

    Is it road registerable?
  13. $200 answer (in WA anyway)....yes
  14. interesting... they have a picture of a buell front hub and rotor at the top of hte page on that link. wonder if they play with them also.
  15. damn... its an ad at the top isnt it!!!
  16. :woot:

    Maybe I should wait a couple of years and pick up a bargin like you Inci!
  17. 25 grand would be an *incredible* bargain, but unfortunately if you look at the bottom of their page, their price is 44,995 U$!

    That's still cheaper than the Desmosedici, and considerably more exclusive...
  18. They apparently intend to build 450 Desmosedici's per year for five years. That's 2,250 all up. Only 1,922 of my 900SS model were ever built, that makes it more exclusive than a Desmosedici. PM me if your interested, I'll be taking offers over $100,000. :)