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super powered engine

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by zilly, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. I am waiting for the motorbike model, its going to be awesome

    This car engine has soooo much power


  2. Hahahah. I came close to missing that.
  3. Me, too. I was looking, looking, looking, thinking, "WT...?", then I spotted it.

    LOL! :LOL:
  4. i had to look at the pic again for the second time :oops: :LOL:
  5. i was goin to post " ????? "
    hahaha.. almost got me!
  6. Man, it took me ages to see it, but then you can't believe it eluded you for so long!

  7. Lol, nice pic... Rather amusing..
  8. nope...help please
  9. I never usually see the obvious, but this time I did. LOL!!
  10. Okay, but you're gonna slap yourself...

    Look inside the brightly coloured "pulley" at the bottom.

    D'oh! :LOL:
  11. Cloud

    Oh No!! It's my dog..........
  12. it amuses me the number of people go "yeah its an engine whats so special about it"

    and then you direct them to the yellow pulley, and they go "aaaahhh...wtf..."

    very amusing :p
  13. lol nice one
  14. Man, Mrs Tarmac Samurai spotted it right away from across the room. The pic was on screen and she walked past the door and said, "What the fcuk, is that a mouse in there!?"

    But ask her to spot a cheaper option at the store...
  15. LOL

    Well played :grin:
  16. LOL!

    I've got the opposite problem. Mrs Tree has to compare the prices in several stores before committing to a purchase. Sure, it saves us cash, but if you consider that time is money, it costs us heaps! :p

    Sorry for the O/T. :wink:
  17. **SLAP**

    i thought it had something to do with the quad cams...??