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super pissed off: another dodgy job

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by es, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. Got a replacment chain and sprockets yesterday, and they didnt attach the breaks properly.
    I hit a car.
    Im pissed off to the max. went back and told them the breaks wernt working. they said they were sorry but it just doesnt cut it when your playing with someoens life. I paid $258 for a dodgy job.
    I didnt give them a peice of my mind ocs I could barely construct a sentance. got home and just burst into tears. I could have been killed and all they could say was "oh. sorry" fcuk you. never going back there again thats for sure.

  2. So who are "they"?........how can others avoid them if they know not who they are?
  3. That sucks lots :shock: .
  4. I hope you're okay Eswen.
    IMHO: It sounds negligent. Rendering the brakes unroadworthy would be grossly failing in their duty of care.
  5. Geez that is extremely poor. If it was me and they didn't fix the brakes and give me a refund, I'd feel like I'd want those jokers out of business.
    Hope you're Ok eswen.
  6. :shock: bloody hell hope your ok eswen and no damage to your bike
    i know i would certainly say words that aren't allowed to be posted here
  7. Jeeze, hope you're alright. :shock:

    Next step from here- Post the name of the business and mechanic on Netrider so no-one else risks their lives by using them. Then- Take them to small claims for the damage to the bike, the car and for the cost of the shitty workmanship. :)
  8. Sorry!?

    Well firstly i'd be bloody sorry if gross stupidity comes into the equation.
    I'd be wanting more than sorry, i'd be wanting them to pay for any/all damage associated with the incident!

    I hope the poor little GeePeeX didn't cop too much, aswell as the car on the receiving end. :oops:

    I wonder where you stand legally with a matter like this.
  9. bump on that question.

    that is the pits eswen!! i'm sorry to hear of your scary event, i hope the hole that stuffed up your brakes admits fault and pays for any repairs to your bike and the car you hit, humans make mistakes sure but with things like brakes you have to tripple check them to see they're set up correctly.

    it's yet another reason to use a netrider recommended mechanic - since they actually care about the results of the work they proform, and have some skills to back that up.

    i hope you can get back on the bike soon and put this behind you
  10. firstly sorry to hear about the splat.
    secondly, what exactly do you mean they didnt attach the brakes properly? was the brake line blocked? didn't they bleed the brakes or what?

    also why did it take a car for you to realise the brakes were dodgy? why didn't you notice this say as you left the workshop?
  11. I noticed at a roundabout. I realised and hit the front break so didnt do any damage to myself or bike or car far as I know - the car was going around the round about, and I was (not) stopping at the entry to the roundabout- Just a few scratches to the mud gaurd thing on the front tyre. The car kept going so Ive no idea if any damage was done.
    Ive got no idea what was wrong with the breaks exactly - I was with a friend who reccomended Werribee motorcycles, and he was the one who spoke to the mechanic while I was busy trying to calm down.
  12. Ditto.......
    Tell us who, so we all know who not too see for servicing.
  13. werribee motorcycles. The mechanic was Rob according to my invoice.
  14. I had some thing similar happen to me in a car.. twice my car was damaged coz of foulty brakes after they have been tuched by "profesional brake care specialists"

    first they forgot to put in the pads and than they forgot to put in brake fluid...

    Since that time I have become a bit of an expert when it come to brakes... as I will NOT let any "PRO" fiddle with them!! (or for that metter any car or bike I have)
  15. sorry to here mate .

    SEE pete the pom , he does a lot of bikes on this site , including mine , he is a jet and his work is exceptional.
    ask many of the other netriders here and he is just around the corner from you in fitzroy.
  16. I have said it before and will say it again for the benefit of all:

    If your service centre doesn’t test ride your bike after ANY repair or service don’t take it there again, most problems or repair errors should be picked up on a test ride.
    There’s no shortage of catastrophic failure from bad repairs or service errors out there, it’s only right that those who put you at risk with their shoddy work risk their own neck first.

    Before riding away make sure you ask the service manager if your bike was test ridden after the job was done, if they are professional they will also make mention of the test ride in the service invoice.
  17. Yep... if the mechanic is not willing to put HIS life in HIS work HE is not worth a cent...
  18. Sorry to hear about the accident.
    But it's good to know you got away alive...it could of been much worse.

    You could also see Mick from Performance Bikes...he only has praise from many people from this site.
  19. i do wonder where did the mechanic stuff up?? fingered the pads with greasy fingeres (he was changing the chain... messy)??? did he forget a bolt there or here?? or is it that with the new chain the disk has moved in relation to the old pads?? eather way this sort of thing should NEVER happen!!
  20. So after you left the tyre place you never used the brakes till the roundabout??
    And without knowing what is wrong with the brakes your happy to blame the tyre bloke even though there is a high chance this guy did nothing wrong?
    When are you going to be able to exactly tell us what was wrong with the brakes or is this not going to happen?