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Super Motards, what is there purpose?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Mkey, Sep 18, 2006.

  1. I am simply curious, that's all.

    What is the reasoning behind this breed of bike, I see more and more of them popping up every where, More and more of them on the roads and they have always caught my eye.

    To me they are simply a dirt/off road bike with road tyres on smaller wheels, But I assume there is more to this than just that,

    Is it just a more hard core offroad dual purpose bike?
    Is it a more suitable bike for rough roads?

    Please don't think I am trying to insult or put down Super Motards or there riders, I am genuinely curious to understand the thoughts behind this design of bike, there seems to be more people getting on them everyday and more companys selling them, so there must be a growing intrest in this unique bike design.

  2. What are they for? They only have one purpose in life - to go around tight little tarmac racetracks as fast as possible. That's all.
    (Oh all right. They make quite neat little city commuters, too.)
  3. and bikes for hooning that doesn't involve tripling the speed limit :LOL:

    light, tuff, can wheelie in any gear, capable of running rings around sportsbikes on tight roads..... i dont see the draw :cool: been seriously thinkning about ditching the 7 for one recently, i'm sure i'd get a LOT more out of something that can be switched over for dirt riding than i currently get out of my dust covered 7 :oops:
  4. Yeah what Coco said, they're about as much fun as you can have without getting done by speed camers as I understand it.

    Huge wheelies, huge stoppies, super flickable, up over the gutters, slide the back out through the roundabout... They're tools for the serious nutter.
  5. I'm going to have to look into this...
  6. Oh, and they're ridiculously light too - light and high with long travel suspension, it makes for effortless stunting.
  7. booooooooya :grin:

    loz knows why ppls like em :wink:
  8. yea they are the best, best around town because of a raised seat position and a higher center of gravity makes for better steering (think non twisties) and just the prospect for buying one bike that will get you from a-b as well as go out on the dirt to play really gets the buyers,
  9. SuperMotards on the street - for the poseur in all of us....
    SuperMotards on the track - Seriously exciting motorsport both for watching and doing.....
  10. I think everyone has pretty much summed it up very well....

    I cant see myself ever giving up the tard. It undescribable fun...

    Im no race/stunt expert, but ive never felt so comfortable doing the twisties and other "stuff", like I do on a Motard.

    There are some catches... if you buy a short stroke (like mine) its high service intervals can get annoying (still far outweighed by the ++'s for me). The Motards that are set up for road (normal road bike servicing), eg the KTM 640 LC4 etc are a little heavier and dont have the power of the short strokes.


  11. Oh, and after a quick sit on Mo's KTM, I'd point out that you would need 'tocks of STEEL to ride it as far as the twisties too - that seat is a torture rack!
  12. Nah, just a ute...

    But it takes bronze goolies to run a 900 hornet on a BMX dirt track.
  13. I've watched some of the motard races at Broadford. Part of the road track was used and part of the infield read dirt area including jumps was used. Very exciting to watch. :grin:
  14. Just the one, Mo, just the one! ;)

  15. How often does the 525 need a service motard?

    I've always been a dirt bike rider (ktm 2 strokes) and am now looking at a road bike, i reckon this could be a good stepping stone

    otherwise i will be buying a cbr600rr which might be better in the long run.

  16. Nonsense. Super Motards make plenty of sense on the street, more than super sports bikes. High suspension for our crappy surfaces, high riding position for good view of the traffic, highly flickable for times when you need it, and some of them (Suzuki for example) are even quite cheap.
    Of course, some make more sense than others. Suzuki's DRZ400SM makes perfect sense in the city. Aprilia's SXV which needs engine rebuild every 60 hours - well, maybe not so much.
  17. Thanks for the Info, Now I understand, I think a Ducati will serve me better, I am looking for a bike a little different from the rest, but I want to go for longer cruises from time to time, So I think I'll stick to my Idea of getting a monster 695, a sport bike that will cruise OK.
  18. how do the motards handle the freeway's?
    are they reving to high
  19. They'll do it. the engine will be fairly comfortable but your arse might be a different story!
  20. i wanna tard too.....but i want everything :LOL: