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Super Motard (LAMS) help needed :)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Darkness Born, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    So was pretty keen on the DRZ400SM, but am reaching out and asking you pros if there is a better supermoto choice on the LAMS list?

    Have seen a few bigger bikes, but none that come stock as SM. My price range is prob up to 10k, and i'd love something that I can have for 5+ years. I don't need to go 200kmph, but getting to and sitting at 100 comfortably would be sweet.

    was looking at the ktm range but they all seem to be off-road, any ideas?

  2. what state you in. LAMS motards are very different from state to state.

    which bike you choose is really how much of a race bike you want. you either range from something like a drz400sm/xt660x/wr250x which are factory built low maintenance motards to something like a converted enduro bike like a ktm 530exc/wr450f/crf450x which all need a fair bit then the proper race motards with numberplates like sxv's & husky smr's.

    the race motards are not comfortable on the street for just cruising around. but when you really ride them agressive you see why they are why they are.
  3. im in victoria... looking for something pretty easy to maintain but can do a 3 hours trip without too much fuss on the 110 roads...

    been researching all day, ideally a second hand 525exc motart conversion would be the go, so ill keep an eye out.

    if not, ill likely go for the the DRZ400sm. any mods people would recomend for this to push out that top end some?
  4. Have you looked at the Husqvarna range? I thought about a SMR610 but ended up getting a SMR510 which I ride on the roads, not race. I bought a 2010 second hand for $10k and highly recommend this as:

    - great power to weight ratio
    - less weight which makes it easy to ride

    Only bad is that it is a tall bike so you will need to be sufficiently tall. I am 178cm and just feel comfortable on it. Maintenance is like the SMR610 as long as it is not race modified.

    Can't go wrong with a supermotard!
  5. I had a Yamaha WR250X for about 2 months - it was awesome but underpowered for my size (110kg) - I highly recomend it due to reliability and cheap infrequent servicing schedules plus its fuel injected etc
  6. Be cautious of the Huskies.
    The "R" monicker usually attracts 1000km service intervals, but since BMW bought them they are producing some more 'sensible' non "R" bikes like the SM630.
  7. yeah huskies look great, unfortunately i am restricted to LAMS bikes... think only the 450 huskies feature on that list?
  8. the 510 is also on the list mate.

    hmm, i would still be doing 2,000km oil & filter on a stock sm510r. just to be safe.

    i would normally do oil & filter on my wr450f motard every 1,500km. if yamaha could build a stronger gearbox they would be that maintenance free. i think with a cush drive rear hub you would be fine.

    some pics of my WR for reference. and pic whoring. haha.




    its LAMS approved.
  9. for the servicing requirements, and for my usage, the 510 smr or even a converted exc would be a bit over the top I think.

    possibly back to looking at a modded drz400 for about town, then in a few years looking at something like the 1100 ultramotard duke...
  10. hyper tards are ghey.

    i see you posted up on the smaus forum too.

    yeah a modded drz goes well, i reckon they are the pic for a LAMS tard thats easy on servicing.

    actually, a drz with carb, pipe and airbox mods was about bang on the same speed in a straight line (or a bit quicker) than my WR450F on the track.
  11. ok great that is really good to know... ill have to sit on one, im pretty tall at about six-two and my last bike (ex250r) was way small, had a good 20cm + clearance when I was standing... love to be just flat foot with a bit of give. heard they have a high seat height thou.
  12. they arent that tall really, as they only have little wheels (not 21/18 like the drz-e).

    the seat is pretty spongie, which i personally hate but you might like it. i like a rock hard seat haha
  13. The XT660X is probably worth a look for you as well. Lazier power and rock solid. Others with more experience will know, but it stands to reason it might be a bit happier at highway speeds than the 400.

    The 400 is a helluva bike, though, just tossing in an alternative.
  14. might have a closer look at it... dont really like the styling and i imagine it is considerably heavier?
  15. Yeah, it is, by about 40 kg! Definitely depends what you want.

    Couldn't easily lay my hands on power figures, and I know it's not as simple as displacement, but the 660 is 189 kg and the 400 is 146 kg. 660/400 = 1.65, 189/146 = 1.29. Potentially the power difference more than makes up for the weight difference...

    Partly depends on your own weight: if you're a small (but tall) light guy you'll want a light bike, if you're a beefy mofo like me something beefier might work.
  16. yeah im 6'2" and about 90kegs, so may be worth a look at something heavier...
  17. Im in a similar situtation...

    Looking for a tard to do a daily commute/hoon on.
    Thinking WR450, DRZ400SM was thinking the 510SMR but oil changes every 5 hours....Don't think so.
  18. if you've got the cash spare and dont need lams, go a 690smc if you can find one. well specced with decent fuel range and grunt a plenty.
  19. 690smc looks heaps heavy....i always think a super motard should be 650 at most :\ thats only basing it off the XR650R's weight...

    Just saw your vid on the WR Jimmy...can't believe you have done so many km's on that WR!!
  20. the 690smc is only 654cc but they get along well and you dont really notice the weight. an xr650r feels heavier to ride, i think its just where each bike carries their weight. nice flat seat on smc makes it easy to ride hard.

    yeah the 250f has done mega miles, its very worn now and the gearbox is nearly completely stuffed. but the suspension is set up great on it, i want to swap the forks and shock into my 06 450.