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Super Duke 990 R

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  1. pwnd submitted a new Showcase Item:

    Super Duke 990 R

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  2. Love the (lack of) colour - the matt black and orange are "fully sick" as the kids would say....
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  3. That bike looks insanely good, I love it!
  4. Cheers guys. Would throw up a few more pics, but am limited to two
    edit: never mind, just saw that I could add a couple more
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    Mate of mine had the 1290R in similar colours except he painted the wheels KTM orange - looked awesome ....... until he had a disagreement with a car (his fault - oops!). Nice mods - looks good!
  6. Love the bike mean and angry but I sat on a demonstrator and the seat was soooo uncomfortable. Are you able to change the seat?
  7. So this used to have the exhaust up under the seat? Looks heaps better the way you've got it now.
  8. I have seen some more padded seats on ebay. I never ride this longer than an hour, so I don't really mind. If it was a two seater that I may use to take myself and the mrs up the coast etc, I may have considered it, but it's ok as it sits. But yes, not a comfy seat at all.

    Yeah, normally has two pipes under the seat. Cheers. I prefer the cleaner look as well. I just need to get a better baffle made up, as it's a touch too loud for longer highway rides (30 mins of droning really gets annoying)
  9. Was it difficult to do? I really like these bikes but with the pipes up under the seat it just looked a bit....'chunky' in the rear. I've never been one for a chunky rear end. By just looking at yours suddenly puts these back in contention for my post LAMS steed.

    I've always thought the 990R could have been Batman's batbike........yours it the perfect example.
  10. Not very difficult, but very noisy. Most fabrication places should be able to mock one up for you for less than the price of a slip on exhaust, as it doesn't involve particularly difficult welding. The trickiest thing, which I am going through now, is trying to silence it engough so I can safely pass police cars without puckering up my backside
  11. Couple of clips so you can hear the exhaust note. Not the best quality with the longer clip through the hills, as I am working on getting the wind noise out of the videos.