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Super cheap helmet cams

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Loz, Aug 23, 2011.

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  1. At the end of the day I think the GoPro comes with more jiggers and bits... Plus you can put a screen on it. You can sleep sound.
  2. thats prtty cheap.
  3. how does a camera like that fit onto a full faced helmet?
  4. Not as cheap as the $20 ebay ones
  5. and the $20 ebay ones are shit. whats your point?

    your dr650 isn't as cheap as a chinese trailbike. so why would anyone buy one....
  6. lol, just noticed the tags. Something on your mind Loz?
  7. actually takamii posted a video of his $20 ebay camera, sound and video quality were both pretty good
  8. Sorry Kernel. But i bought one of those little $20 cam's off ebay...and...It is shit lol.

    I mean sure maybe if i spent enough time on it and got it all angled up properly and mounted it all good it would probably be ok. But you cannot compare it to a go pro or contour.

    The quality is night and day between those two products. (gopro/contour vs $20 chinese POS)
  9. wow good find. Does anyone know if the adhesive pads are reusable? If I use the flat surface mount on my helmet, how easy is it to then move it to the fairing? Or would you need to buy another flat mount to switch between the two?...
  10. I would imagine like most adhesive pads, are a one time use kinda thing...Clean the shit outta the surface, apply and never take it off ha ha...

    Though im sure you can buy more of the adhesive stuff or get similar stuff from Bunnings or a craft shop.
  11. Tempting, the $40 shipping is annoying considering I paid for the same shipping for boots & a helmet visor.
  12. I ordered one, shipping was $38.

    thanks Loz!
  13. "...In addition, dual lasers, along with the..."

    Do the ebay ones come with lasers?
  14. I gave in and brought the camera, depending on how well it performs I might sell the GoPro.
  15. i caved too
    been looking for a cam but a deal like this is too good to pass up
  16. Got an email early this morning to say thanks for my order but since they cannot verify my address due to non-US credit card then I have to send them a scan of a recent utility bill or bank statement. Very anal.
  17. There are a few Aldi cam sets still around for $169. Not HD but the bullet cam is much smaller, and connected by cable to the control unit (with screen).
  18. that's kinda odd, i just checked my email after reading your post and they've shipped mine already
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