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Super black bird or Ninja?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Salad Cycle, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. My budget is $3000.

    I'll get an extra 7km per litre of fuel on the ninja and I have heard it is reliable. I have also heard cbr1100 is reliable and can last 160,000 if looked after.

    Registration on the 1100 cc motorcycle will cost about $100 more per year.

    I am not sure how much more the tyres will cost for the cbr1100 compared to ninja 250. Being a discontinued motorcycle will go against the cbr1100.

    $2700 1997 cbr1100 super black bird 80,000 kms 11 month rego

    $3000 2010 ninja 250r 19,000 kms 8 month rego

    Most important thing is that the motorcycle must not break as I cannot afford to constantly wait for and pay regretful repairs.
  2. Interesting conundrum there, a 250 screamer or a big sports tourer.
    What sort of riding do you do in an average week?
  3. I'm not sure that there's anyone here who can help you choose between an 1100cc hypersport and a learner bike...
    Has it occurred to you that the Blackbird seems rather cheap?
  4. Just get a postie ;)
  5. Is this a joke?
  6. Amusingly I know someone who owns(and loves) a super blackbird but currently commutes on a postie.
  7. As unlikely as this sounds, words fail me.....
  8. Bull, there's at least 8 right there :D
  9. I don't do much travel only by bus since travel is such a hassle. Perhaps 100km per week. City streets in Newcastle are 40-70km per hour.
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  10. Unless you're going to do some serious fast miles, the Ninja is the only choice....
  11. umm.

    Hornet and titus have it right. Doing what you do the 250 ninja would be the go and that Blackbird seems rather cheap.

    There is another option, slightly over your budget. An SV650s, 2002, 35,000km, registered to November. The owner wants $4,500, but as your such a good bloke and I'm sleeping with the owner I can see if they'll come down in price a bit.
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  12. If you are worried about ongoing costs go the Ninja, I had an '07 Blackbird and it is a great bike but you will be up for tyres sooner and also chains and sprockets due to the extra torque, it also uses more fuel and is a much heavier bike than the Ninja.
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  13. I'd be concerned that the CBR sounds cheap so get it checked by a good mechanic. But if you are serous about riding and will get out and do some longer distances then the big bike is the way to go. If you're only every going to go in the city, the ninja is very good. It will do long distances as well but you'll find it rather underpowered on the open highways.
  14. Get something inbetween. $3k should get u a cbr600 f4
  15. #16 Salad Cycle, Oct 22, 2014
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    Thanks for advice.

    I will check out the ninja 250 tomorrow if it is not sold by the time I get there. My housemate had a ninja 250 before upgrading so he should know if someone does not feel quite right with it.

    Ninja is sold. I'll see if there is something else.
  16. The power difference between a blackbird and a ninja 250 is almost beyond comprehension. If your comfortable with the ninja forget the blackbird, it will put you in situations well beyond what you can deal with.
  17. blackbird ad was removed, i'd say ad was bogus
  18. And of course the thread is nearly a year old :)