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NSW Super bike school next week

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by basejumper, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. All booked in to do level 1 of the super bike school at the creek next Wednesday. Fingers crossed for a dry day. Picked up a gaerne leather suit off gumtree for $80 so I'm all set, I think. Pretty excited and nervous at the same time.
    I've done laps in a car years ago so I'm familiar with the track.
    Will be a new experience for me hitting the gas and not having to keep an eye peeled for the po po.
    Will keep u posted on the day.
    Anyone else going to be there as well ?

  2. Do you need to be fully license for that?

    I inquired about the one they do at the Island but you need to be fully licensed and off restrictions. I have a full licence but still on restrictions and have realized patience is for the living and death can be avoided with the right training.
  3. My understanding is that you have to be off your learners, but P platers are ok.
  4. Get an MA license.
  5. My wife did it on her Ninja 250, I think she was on P's at the time.

    BTW, you wont be there to 'crack the throttle'. Don't expect to be going fast, you're there to learn technique, with technique come smooth and smooth equals fast.
    Go in with an open mind and you will get a lot out of the day.
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  6. I did Level 1 some 7 years ago. Friends have since completed Level 2 & 3 and have booked track days following the training day to practice their skills. They all recommended doing this if you have time and money. From my experience, I would suggest staying overnight after the course as it is fun, but very tiring. The ride back from Philip Island was quite exhausting after the excitement and stress of the day.
    The scary part is the first run around the track. You are not permitted to use breaks or gears and need to leave the bike in 4th gear. You would be surprised how hard it is to do this. When I got to Lukey Heights, which is over the hill, blind and then downhill, it was a battle not to hit the brake and gear down.
    Expect to be thrilled, scared, excited all at the same time. The trainers are excellent and the course is well organised and well run.
    There was no special licensing required, but check with your insurance company if they cover "instructor lead coursed". If not then be prepared for the cost of any damage to your bike.
  7. Like the best day ever. 3 sessions down. Allowed 5th gear next session ( although I did snick 5th to pass mate last session ) Bottom of straight is very windy. Perfect day for it. So much fun