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Supanova 2014

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Jeffco, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. For any other sci fi geeks nerds & tragic's thought I write a quick review of supanova yesterday at the Showgrounds, I attended mainly because my daughter wanted to meet & have her picture taken with Crystal Reed (actress from Teen wolf no the the Michael J Fox version) and to meet Austen Mengler a concept artist, (see my new avatar pic) I have no affiliation with this artist but if you would like to see more try http://lordnetsua.tumblr.com/ to see more of his work.

    I also went along to see my sister a New York times top ten best selling (science Fiction section) author, Keri Arthur who was one of the shows presenter/ guests. If you like your sci fi with plenty of sex and violence all centred around Melbourne as the backdrop I can highly recommend them.

    I am a tragic from way back, I owned every Edgar Rice Burroughs book John cater was my favourite though & and all the original Robert E Howard Conan the Barbarian novels & all the others that came later along with many others including Edward Elmer "doc" smith Lensman series & Isaac Asimov's classic Foundation series to name a few.

    I watched a lot of Anime too Akira, Vampire Hunter, Gunbuster and Gundam to name a few and still collect (albeit slowly) ghost rider comics.

    We arrived early well I thought so 0900 it didn't open to 1000 to be greeted by long lines 5 deep & I thought this is going to be a long day but at least we had plenty too look at and the effort some people went to with their costumes was amazing Lucy Lawless has inspired many but the were many others to from Team rocket, to Minecraft, Lord of the rings to Final Fantasy.

    The doors opened at ten sharply and we were in in no time, then more queuing to get my daughters photo opportunity ticket, again not long then we were free to roam.

    My daughter promptly found Austen Mengler and purchased a picture and had it signed we then spent the next couple of hours looking at the amazing merchandise and outfits, I had no luck with my ghost rider comic hunt and I forgot to bring my Harry Dresden Wizard book (no 1) to get signed by Jim Butcher another one of the guest authors, but my wonderful sister said she will get me one thanks sis.

    Heaps of Anime DVDs & comics may have to start watching again some of it looked very good.

    Photo time came and off we went to wait at the photo area for my daughter to get her pic taken, she was so excited it was great to see. After that we went to the Cyrstal Reed seminar / question session. Once that was done we went and watched a game of Quidditch, I kid you not there is a league and everything.

    Watching various costumed and none costumed characters including Deadpool no less play quidditch was a lot of fun. I don't think they all knew the rules ?? or what they were doing exactly but they were having fun doing it, and when the golden snitch was released, a guy dressed in yellow shorts & t shirt with yellow fairy wings and a tennis ball in a yellow sock hanging from the back of his shorts it got better.

    He then proceeded to run around the lawn, stairs and general area while being chased by the two seekers trying to get hold of the said yellow ball off him. Like I said fun.

    We left at 4 & when it came time to board the train back to Flinders street there were many amazing costumes to be seen, Batman was a standout so were the power puff girls and many others, that's not taking into consideration all the amazing weaponry that was being carried either. Giant swords from dragoon ball, soul calibur etc to helemts masks and everything in between.

    Getting of at Flinders Street and watching the stunned & amazed expressions of those on the platforms around us was worth the price of admission alone.

    All in all a lot of fun and one Id certainly go back too and before anyone asks I didn't take pics forgot my camera so that's for next year .
  2. So, the one question we're all thinking is, "What did YOU wear"?
  3. Nothing, costume wise this year mite try a costume next year :]