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Sup Netriders

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mikevallender, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Hey all,

    Just joined the site and doing the intro thing. I am looking forward to going through it all in detail.

    I found this site courtesy of Madmel, whom I met during my normal day to day activities.

    I only recently go my L's and I am already totally hooked. I ride everyday, and cannot wait to go.

    I rode as a kid, long time ago now :D, mostly small dirt bikes, but never forgot the feeling all through my adult life.

    So anyway, I am just hoping to meet some nice people and share my new found passion for riding.

  2. G'day Mike, ha another old man getting his L's. :p

    Well I only got mine 6 months ago.

    Welcome aboard have fun :grin:
  3. Hey hows it going...?

    I found out about this site through Madmel too...she must be on a bit of a recruitment drive :grin:

    We used to work in the same building and park our bikes next to each other, but never saw each other...as soon as we did - she got me to sign up straight away... :grin:
  4. Whadda ya mean old... That's not old :twisted:

    Welcome to one of the more interesting forums. It's nice to get some one to balance all these juvenile delinquents here. :LOL:

    We need some more mature delinquents... :LOL: :LOL:
  5. Welcome to the forum, Mike, and to the re-discovered joys of two wheels........
  6. From one newbie to another...
    Hello and welcome :)
  7. Gday and welcome to the site

    Cheers :cool:

    and yes I know what forum this is :wink:
  8. From one of the older members to another welcome :grin:

  9. Welcome Mike
    i also let my bike licence lapse many years ago
    and got it again last year

    We arent old
    we are ageing gracefully
    doing what we want to
    and dont have to answer to anyone anymore :grin:

    ahhhhh dont ya just love being over 40 :rofl:
    freedom and fresh air
    with a smile that cant be wiped away
    with memories of yesteryear

    and on this forum
    there are many that are ready for a ride anytime
    and always ready to help out
    with many
    Great friendships made as well :grin:
  10. Look at my age.
  11. Hey there mikevallender, welcome to the friendly forum. :grin:
  12. welcome aboard mate.
  13. Welcome from another n00b. Seems to be quite a cluster of us around the same age, too.
  14. Thx for the warm welcome.

    40 is definitely not old, for those in their 20's, don't blink too often coz you will soon be here :)

    I am the healthiest, sharpest and happiest I have ever been. Nothing wrong with being 40 :)
  15. Welcome Mike. Hope you enjoy yourself here dude :biker:
  16. Hello and welcome.18 months and Ill be joining the Norty Fortys myself hehehe
  17. Hey bloke, age is not a handicap, it's the solution, just no one else knows PMSL. hope you have a ball here.

  18. Must... not... blink....

    I woke up last week and realised I was 24... if blinking is the cause... well... let's just say, that's enough of that...:shock: :wink:

    Oh and welcome to the forums.
  19. welcome from one more old newbie