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Sup' from the Border (Albury/Wodonga)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by zeker, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Hello all Netriders, finally decided to register after spending so long lurking! I've been riding for about 4 months now and I'm soon to get my P's. Motorcycling will certainly become a passion for me, as so far, I am absolutely loving it without a doubt! My weapon of choice is the little ZZR-250, in a lovely shade of Sun faded Red :oops: (From a previous owner) I hail from the craphole that is Wodonga, opposite to the other craphole Albury, and would love nothing more than some company to ride with, so anyone else out here, give me a holla' and we can waste some fuel :grin:

    Anyway, now intro's are over, perhaps you would like to stay a while and listen to my tale of frustration, anger, and general discrimination?

    Most very recently, after enjoying a night of fine dining and excellent high class entertainment (Hungry Jack's and Movie night at a mates:LOL:) I was returning to my bike when it struck, a deep sense of worry hung over my bike like a terrible shadow! Something was not right, which closer inspection revealed was correct.... There, sitting on my sit, glistening in the moonlight, was an upended sweet chilli sauce sachet, very similar to those you receive at Fast Food joints. Ahhhh, then came the anger.... a rage of which the likes you have never before seen. I have no doubt my colorful language made every pensioner in a quarter mile shake their head and remember the old days when nobody used that language. I desperately searched around for any sniggering perpetrator hiding amongst the shadows, intent on testing the remaining tread on my rear using their lollybag's. No revenge would be mine that night however, and as I then turned to the fact a whole sweet chilli sauce container was leaking down the left side of my seat all over the fairings and gear lever, I thought to myself, what sort of bastard would do this to my wonderful little bike?

    Was it perhaps some jealous rider themselves, regretting their purchase of a GSX? (Unlikely:LOL:) Was it a simpleton P-Plater still angry at me showing him up when his Datsun full of friends failed to pull away from the lights as quickly as me, ensuring much jocular poking from his friends? Maybe, just maybe, it was your average cager, angry that a mere bike!, dare park in a car parking spot, when I should have parked in one of the three motorcycle parking spots in ALL ALBURY AND WODONGA.

    My ultimate point is this. Short of attaching small flame throwers in strategic positions on my bike that let loose periodically when parked, is there actually a way to counter this? And what did I, quite possibly the best rider in the world :LOL:, do to deserve this? What have WE done as a collective community to earn the ere of ordinary and extraordinary dickheads that plague our world? In closing, I now dislike Sweet Chili Sauce even more
  2. [​IMG] LOL good intro. And if I was you, just let it slide after all you do live in Wodonga.

    1st of put more info in your profile. Hmmmmm & until you do, Im thinking you may know 1 of my lot not sure on that :-k

    As for fellow riders we have bangalla in Albury
    There is myself & my lot here in Mul
    Couple of riders over in Numurkah & Shepp.
  3. No one I can think of sorry, but hey, you want any other info, feel free to PM, we may some crazy long friend of a brothers mother sorta connection :LOL:
  4. If need be, do what I did. Write a letter to council and request that there's motorbike parking in all public places like shopping centres, all day parking lots, train stations and parks.
    I only wrote mine to them short 2 weeks ago, and they've already put it to the board, and if it goes through, it should be done by the end of the month.

    Oh, welcome :)

    Love the long first post :D Wicked!
  5. Welcome, great intro

    sounds like you need to make a sweet chili sauce gun :twisted:
  6. Welcome.

    You've got the worlds first self saucing ZZR... not sure what they'd be like to eat though.


    Mate, your mistake was Hungry Jacks. There's a better class of people who eat red rooter or good old takeaway hamburgers...

    Install a proximity alarm if you want to help avoid people coming near your bike.

    Hey Charming One, my band will be up Mulwala way in December - @ the ski club if IIRC. Get your dancing shoes ready! :)
  7. Excellent, if 1 can safely work their in way into that place ( major construction happening ). Let me know date so I can dust off the dancing shoes & pop around home if your game :LOL:

    I just thought you might have known one of sons, that's all. Your all round the same age.