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Sup! :D

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by mrlazy, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. Hey :)

    Hey everyone,
    20 year old male from Melbourne

    I am VERY new to riding.. I've had a passion for cars and the "drifting" scene but after owning many of them I've come to boredom and wanted to try something different!

    Here's a list of cars that I've owned so far:
    2000 Toyota Landcruiser Prado
    1994 Honda Civic Eg VTi
    1997 Nissan 180sx Type X
    1998 Toyota Chaser Series 2
    1992 Nissan Silvia S13
    1988 Honda Prelude
    1994 Honda Accord VTi
    1986 Mazda BF SS

    So story goes.. After the list of 8 cars, I am now in boredom and wanting to try something different. I found the light :angel: and recently purchased myself a 1990 Yamaha FZR250R for a good price with almost 12 months registration. Being the 3LN model it has the EXUP valve and Deltabox frame.
    Currently my project until I'm 100% with it. I'm going to clean + sync the carburetor, adjust float valve levels, change chain + sprocket and give it a good tune. Fairings were also cracked but I've custom ordered gloss black fairings which will soon be on it's way to replace it \\:D/

    Anyways, I'll leave it at here for now.. Pictures soon to come.
    Look forward to riding with some of you's

  2. Wow. That's a lot of cars for only 20!

    Welcome to NR enjoy your stay.
  3. gidday bloke

    quote cars and the "drifting" scene but after owning many of them I've come to boredom and wanted to try something different!

    someone else joined recently with a similar story...
  4. 8 cars in 2 years :shock:. So how many did you crash? :p

    Welcome to the world of bikes. Now you can join the fun of laughing at people who spend vast amounts of money trying to make their car go slightly less slower than bikes costing less than their chrome wheels :LOL:
  5. Thanks mate
  6. What are you implying when you say "story"? I'm sure many people move onto bikes because of losing interest in cars and wanting to try something different. Me and that guy just happen to share similarities and have the same reasoning haha
  7. Thanks mate. I actually had my first car at 16 although 18 was when I started changing cars. To your amazement, I haven't crashed any of them haha my driving skills aren't bad. I learnt driving in reverse (not technically), manual before auto, heel-toe before rev matching, pretty much opposite of basics which led me to good control :)

    However, my last car was involved in an accident. I was around the corner coming home, as I was driving some lady decides to do a u-turn without thinking twice and boom! My car was a write-off but I did get payed out well by her insurance ;) That's when I decided to buy a bike..