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sup all

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by kave, Nov 11, 2009.

  1. im from the eastern suburbs of sydney (maroubra), ride a 07 GPX250, just got my Ps last week. so far ive only been riding to and from uni (unsw) mostly, but now that ive got my Ps i'd like to do a bit more social riding on weekends and try more twisty roads...the closest thing ive done to that is ride to la perouse and back lol

    anyone around my age (20) from around the eastern suburbs wanna go for a ride someday?? haha im pretty lonely...havent got any mates with bikes :(
  2. welcome dude...

    Your from sydney so I don't think I can catch you for a ride (not the distance, just you sydney folk are all strange), however have a look in the NSW specific forum for weekly rides and coffee nights... I have no idea about sydney, so not sure what's eastern and close to you etc..

    Enjoy the GPX, my bike is getting serviced atm so I'm riding around my 'ol zzr- two fidy, (virtually the same bike)... it's bringing back fun memories...!!

    Enjoy it!
  3. welcome mate
  4. Hey Kave, I'm around the same area as you. Once I get back on my feet and on 2 wheels, lemme know if you're up for a ride anytime. I usually haunt around Marine Pde around the beach, around the suburb or sometimes down foreshore.
  5. Hi Kave
    i recently got my P's as well. i'm in my late 20's. I ride an 09 Ninja250R. I usually ride with my partner on the weekends, about 5-6hrs ride, but we do more country rides (Old pacific H'way, wiseman's ferry etc...) rather then city rides. if you wanna join us you're more than welcome.
    *ride safe
  6. "sup" is that like Kiwi speak for sip?
  7. supper for all?
  8. I thought this thread was an invitation for dinner, but it's not :LOL:

    Welcome to two wheels, kave, and to Netrider :).
  9. Hi Kave welcome...