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SUOMY Helmets???

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by johnnydelva, Dec 12, 2006.

  1. Is it true that no one is bringing them into australia anymore?

  2. My mate picked one up brand new for %50 for that very reason. Brighton Kawasaki are selling visors for them dirt cheap
  3. just bought one

    I just bought a suomy for $179.
    Did I get ripped off or a good deal?
    I couldn't afford an expensive one and this is the only one in my price range that seemed to fit right...
    it feels very close to the shuoii and AVG was funny fitting...
    Why aren't they being imported any more?
    I guess my biggest question is... is it for safety reasons...
    it is composite material?
    Is there anything faulty about them or is it just that they lost their importer?

    Thanks for your time...

  4. from what I have been told....
    Wayne Gardiner was importing these helmets and for reasons known only to himself has decided to stop. Nothing to do with safety issues.
  5. A lot to do with no backup from Suomy with warranty and spares.

    And side pods costing $100 which are held on with a fragile little clip that tends to break.
  6. Side pod??

    Excuse my ignorance, but are the side pods the covers overs the clips for the visor?
    I think I just wont take the visor off.... can't see a reason to??
    I am really just using it cos it was all I can afford ($179) untill a finish uni , get a real job and get a shoei.... It feels the same in fit, just a little more air coming in under the chin... 1 year to go.... yay!

    as long as there is no fault in the composite I'm cool with it...

  7. Re: just bought one

    hehe looks like you bought the same helmet as me Miki. Its a Suomy Fazer they were worth like 359 rrp but i also go it for 179 reduced. Its Fibre-glass. I reckon its not a bad helmet so far. nothing fancy but was cheap enough and should do the job well (touch wood i dont crash).

    only thing it dosent have is removable liner, but im not really too fussed with that and id rather have got this than a real cheapy with removable liner.

    Only thing is i now realise i need a tinted visor. so im off to peter stevens this afternoon to see if i can get one ...before theyre hard to get


    PS dont know why theyre not being imported anymore, but there has been no issues raised over their safety so dont worry
  8. tinted visor?

    Cool, tinted visor?
    Can you wear them at night or is it too dark?
    What happened to good old fashioned sunnies?
    hmm, let me know how much they are if you get one and if there are any left...
    I've got to duck down this arvo and get a new mirror, from my first drop :(
    (only a little one)
    so may consider...

    Thanks for confirmation

  9. If you ring around there are a few shops that still have stock, I believe Suomy are looking for a new Oz importer, so they should be back in force soon.
  10. Re: tinted visor?

    sunnie dont fit under helmets too well, especialy my pair, plus tinted visors look cooler. :cool:

    i rode to work this morning and it was way too bright with just the clear visor.

    and im pretty sure its illeagal to ride with a tinted visor on at night...plus its hard to see, so you need both.

    Ill let you know how much if i get one tonight.
  11. If they're good enough for Troy Bayliss, they're good enough for me.
    They are a top quality Italian made helmet.
    I bought one on the weekend for $280 (spec 1 R).

    A Review here (Suomy V's AGV):
    There is also a generic Helmet FAQ page here:
    This has alot of information about sizing, safety, quality etc..
  12. just to let you know. i called bikemart and peter stevens ringwood, to see if they had any and neither did. i forgot to ask the price though

    PS said they have already ordered some and arent sure why they havent arrived yet and to try back early next week.

    so you might want to ring ahead an make sure the shop that ur going to has them, but it does look like they arent that hard to order atm.

    few more days of squinting for me

  13. Suomy visor

    Yeah, I called the city peter stevens too...
    they said there is a new supplier for Suomy, but they ordered the visors a month ago... They think they are coming and won't be long though...

    They said they will email me when they come in, so I'll let you know if you want...

  14. Thankyou muchly
  15. Race Replica in Brooklyn (West Footscray) have quite a few Top End Suomy helmets in stock.
  16. We've got some Suomy helmets in stock at Cosway's, we are heavily discounting them, in fact, it is time for a whole new range so all helmets are going out with big discounts. I know we don't carry a big range but hey that's life :wink:
  17. Visor

    Do you have tinted visors Johny?
  18. I've got a Suomy bayliss replica & it's a awesome helmet.

    I highly recommend these helmets, as good as Shoei if not better value for money
  19. Re: Visor

    I'll check and let you know