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Sunstate motorcycles

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by geeth, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. As a lot of people know I have just bought a new bike and it was from a dealer.

    Just thought that I would post a little bit about my experience with them though for people that don't wanna read much - It was a good experience.

    The start of this was all done via e-mail. Most details not needed but basically emails went back and forth and got pics. Replies where within a timely manner.

    Then I called them to arrange a inspection and test ride. I got some paperwork sent through to me to sign and send back it was all subject to finance and me liking the bike, also put on a $100 holding deposit.

    A few days later, I took the 140 km trip up to the sunshine cost to see what would be my new bike.
    The bike was out warming up and had a chat to Paul (the sales guy that I had been emailing). Conversation was nice and easy no "this is the fullyiest sick bike dudez" sorta sales crap.
    There wasn't any preasure just pointing out features on the bike.

    I took the bike out for a test ride with Paul. The route that we went was great containing a bit of everything. There was some intersections a twisty little bit of residential rode to help test the handling and also some motorway stuff as well.
    Thankfully it didn't have any u-turns because well I suck at them.

    When we got back I knew I was buying the bike, I think Paul knew that to.

    I couldn't do anything with the price (though I was happy with the normal price TBH) because of the contract that I signed before. I guess that's another thing to put on my - things to look for next time list - which is getting longer.
    I told Paul that the brakes where a little iffy and I would like the gear lever dropped a little, so they where added to the list.

    I did end up getting discounts on some accessories though. But that's later.

    So after I went in I had a bit more of a chat to Paul. The whole time everything was just like a general conversation and not pushy salesmen crap that makes you wanna punch them and walk away.
    From there off I went to the accessory shop to look at some stuff with a bloke called Nando -when I heard the name I wanted peri peri sauce on chips. Good service once again and everything went smoothly.

    From there I went with Crystal to talk insurance finance etc. Insurance I already knew that I was going to get through them and glad I did. They muched Suncorps price (that's with a staff discount) and got my rating to 1 on a better policy through swann. The finance talk was more sales style then the talks I had with Paul or Nando, but it wasn't over the top or to pushy.
    I ended up getting financed through the bank in the end.

    On pick up day I only had a bit of a delay when I had to wait for Nando. I was a little disapointed that they didn't have the accessories ready for me since I had told Paul exactly the ones that I wanted. But you get that.

    All in all great service not to pushy with sales stuff and pretty well organised except the accessories bit.

    Post sales - There was an error on the insurance policy and when I let Crystal know of this, she got that fixed up (yay didn't have to contact an insurer) and sent me a new copy of the policy when it was done.
    So that's a plus in my book
    Would go back again
  2. Brought a bike from them, would do it again - good guys
  3. Bought two bikes from them. All good.
  4. I put a $500 deposit on a bike with them. Didn't end up purchasing and they gave me my $500 deposit back. And it only took a good reason for them to oblige. :) Paul was disappointed but accepting of the fact things can happen out of the customers control. It was a good customer service experience overall.