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Sunshine coast ride sat 23rd July

Discussion in 'QLD' started by stu_h, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    The weather is looking pretty good this weekend and I'm on the sunshine coast for saturday as part of my trip around oz !
    (see thread "stu's travels" in touring section) and blog stu-h.tumblr.com

    Any local sunshine coasters care to lead a ride and show me Some of the good roads ?

    Would Be great to meet Some Local netriders.


  2. Stu I used to live at Caloundra, If I was there I would take you up to Peachester range, Maleny, Montville etc. Head out to Landsborough and aim for the mountain, failing that head out the back of Beerwah towards the hills.

    Blocka lives up there.. Hit him up !
  3. I can give you a tour of the sunny coast if you like. I'm free between 2pm and 5pm.

    Afaik we can get to Obi Obi Rd via the black stuff from Kenilworth now (July 1st is was opened again) so I would suggest starting Nambour BP and following this route:

    Google Maps Route

    Let us know, otherwise given that map you can show yourself around :)
  4. That sounds great Sooty, I will pm you my Mobile

    Do you want to make 2pm or 2:30 meet time at the nambor bp for any one else who would like to come
    Along ?


  5. 2pm is good. That's a three hour ride so it'd just be getting dark at the end.
  6. Great ! See you then !
  7. If any more sunshine coasters want to come it would be great to see peeps !
  8. Good ride - Obi Obi Rd was a clear run however Peachester Rd still has roadworks and were stuck behind cars :|

    Cheers for the coffee stu and those pipes sound awesome.
  9. Thank you so much sooty for the tour !

    Fun !!!