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Sunscreen in the eyes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mattb, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. G'day All.

    The other day I was riding along in the heat for a good number of hours, and my sunscreen which I had put on an hour or two earlier entered my eyes and caused a lot trouble. A combination of sweat, of wind rushing in under my helmet's chin bar, and I couldn't see. It was usual white runny lotion. I looked at the chemist and there are sticks that you rub on, and various kinds of oils (I know, I'm vague about this). Are there any other sorts of sunscreen that might better avoid this?


  2. just dont put any on your forehead
  3. Yes you can buy sunscreens that are sweat/water resistant. I bought the banana boat brand and it works well. I have had the same problem with sunscreens and it burns so bad in your eyes!
  4. Rinsing your eyes with water should clear things up. Apparently it's the fumes from the sunscreen mixing with sweat. Seen it happen to a few people when swinging chainsaws as well, they were blinded by it, water cleared it up again.
  5. im with DrewMan, not above the eyes same thing when comes to stuff like cam cream. or just get a tinted/mirrored visor then never worry again
  6. sunscreen is for pussies
  7. only if there sunbaking nude
  8. +1!!
    I've got a Shoei XR1100 & they claim the visors block 99% of UV rays (both the tinted & clear!)
  9. If you're wearing a helmet, your forehead won't get burnt, so why bother with suncream there? Take a cap with you for when the helmet comes off if you're worried about it.
  10. I have the same problem. I am a sailor boy (yeah yeah, bring on the gay jibes, I also ride scooters) and a pale pommy ranger, so its pain for me with out sunscreen. I am yet to find a solution to this problem.

    I have found one that is water resistant though, the wife used to buy it in at her childcare centre. Still gives me greif though.
  11. Yes, that's just it. I'm at work - a bit rushed - and so I couldn't think how to articulate it, but essentially it was like sunscreen fumes or mist got in my eyes. I'm very careful about how far up my cheeks and nose I go, so as to keep it always below my eyes, and cetainly never put any above them (eg on forehead).

    I pulled over and doused my eyes from my drink bottle a few times, rubbing away anything with my jumper. That cured it. But it would be nice to avoid the experience altogether in future!

    Thanks to others for the advice on particular types to use. There may in fact be nothing, ultimately, that avoids this, but it's worth experimenting. Fortunatley I was alone on a htraight highway at the time.
  12. You could try a facial mousturiser with SPF protection? Something like that should rub right into the skin and not hang around to fume up.
  13. Your "Metro" is showing.
  14. Your epidermis is showing. :D
  15. Just as bad is contact troubles. Nothing worse than riding along and your eyeball decides it doesn't like plastic on it.

    Cept you kinda need the plastic to see where you're heading.