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Sunnybank... worst place ever for a bike

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by slideways, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Just a general thread for anyone in the Brisbane area that rides through sunnybank... its got to be the worst place ever.

    I live in Calamvale and commute everyday thru the main road of sunnybank which is 3 lanes wide...

    EVERYDAY I see something stupid, and I'm not racist or anything (my fiance is viet) its always older asian men and women in camrys doing dumb shit!

    driving along and without indicator or anything just slowly merge into your lane on top of you, sometimes they get half a car in, then realise whats going on, and SLOWLY move back into their lane, or not realise at all and just keep going....

    in the 60 zone they do 50, then when you get to the 70 zone they do 80 ???

    Also, so many drivers seem to have a GPS system RIGHT INFRONT of the driver, not in the middle of the windscreen... directly infront of the driver. IF they have L or P plates, they always put them IN THE MIDDLE of their rear windscreen!

    and today, a lady nearly took me out because she had a CURTAIN on her drivers side window!! seriously WTF!!!

    anyone else got any sunnybank experiences to add?
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  2. Sunnyvale? Ye that place is farked up bro, see it on tv every week
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  3. Deserves to be re-posted, 'cos it's so true!

    No GOZ, he doesn't mean Sunnyvale, he means Sunnybank, and I live in the southern tip of Runcorn which is right next door. Slidy and I are virtually neighbours.

    That's a thought - mate, could I borrow your lawnmower? LOL.
  4. Probably my favourite recollection of Sunnybank drivers - one who was cruising along, 20 under the limit, sitting with exactly half her car in each lane. Goes straight through one red light. I catch up not much further down the road, and as we approach the next lights they change to red...

    She makes it halfway into the intersection, then stops and leans forward in her seat...so she can see the red light directly ABOVE her. Blocks all traffic, then when the light goes green she trundles on her merry way. Absolutely, totally oblivious.

    Yeah...I don't drive in Sunnybank if my life doesn't depend on me being there.
  5. Is that Mains rd?
  6. Yep..
  7. Thats one of the suburbs my Q-Ride instructor specifically told us to avoid.
  8. Ha ha I use to do Qride out of Moss street Underwood. I had no idea of the area and only twice strayed into that area.
    And yup your right. The place is mad.
  9. bahahahahahaha i moved from Calamvale back to sydney only 6 months ago .. i DO NOT MISS ridding through sunnybank to MT gravett.. worst road in the world i reckon or at least aust
  10. The road's ordinary - the traffic is a bit sad. So is the SE Freeway just S of the Logan Rd exit. Every single day - from 2pm - 6pm.

    Sydneysiders used to laugh at Briswegians (rightly) whenever they mentioned traffic, but it's not so much like that any more. We have about half a million ex-mexicans up here now (I can throw that one because I've been here over a quarter century now) and they all joined the locals in fighting the contruction of new and bigger roads at every opportunity. So the desire to preserve Brisbane's unique character has actually destroyed it. Very Zen.
  11. haha, gotta love it. I'm tempted to go out there again to reignite the bellyfire
  12. I hate to state the obvious, but...

    ...it's probably because they're all asians.