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Sunny Coast ride

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Rob H, Aug 27, 2012.

  1. Any members keen for a ride this coming weekend 01/09 or 02/09.

    I know Fathers' day is Sunday but maybe this could be your gift from your kids.

    I'm thinking Montville / Maleny / Kenilworth / Woodford etc etc or wherever the mood takes us.
  2. Im definitely interested if it's saturday. :)
  3. Weather forecast is for storms Friday and rain sat/sun !
  4. I have house guests and my kids all weekend, a big jam and party Saturday and golf at the wanker resort on Sunday.
    End of the month is usually ticket city up there too.
  5. they got it wrong last Friday, so maybe this week too?
  6. Lets hope so !!!
  7. See how things are tracking nearer the weekend and make a call I reckon.
  8. Maybe Vlad can create a distraction and draw the storms down to the Gold Coast while the rest of us head up north?
  9. Sounds good, see how things are traveling closer to the day.
  10. Forecast has changed for the better so looking promising
  11. Maybe another time for you then Bretto. I'm usually out that way most weekends.
  12. Meet at Bli Bli Caltex tomorrow (Sat 01/09) at 7am if anyone's interested.

    From there up to Montville / Maleny / Kenilworth so if anyone wants to join along the way just let me know.
  13. Sounds temping but that's too early for me to have a chance to get there. Hope you have fun. Looks like another great weekend.
  14. How did it go?
  15. It was a bit cool early but the roads were quiet and it was a blast. Just the two of us though but still keen to try and get a few more involved next time.
  16. I will try to check on here more often for rides. I was working that day, but was out on Sunday in the glorious weather.
  17. I'll maybe try and arrange another ride soon as it would be good to catch up with some fellow riders on the Coast.
  18. I saw this ride but had things on that WE. Interested to come along on the next one though.
  19. Forecast clear today, wanna go again?
  20. Wasn't online yesterday but was out having some tuition. Did you have a run?