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Sunny Coast ride - 29/09 to 01/10

Discussion in 'QLD' started by Rob H, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Anyone keen for a ride this coming weekend?

    I'm thinking any day but preferably early to avoid the traffic and heat. Forecast looks grim for Sunday but there's time for that to change yet.

  2. There are a shoite load of posties doing run on sunday up the hinterland....and their all mad
  3. I am free, start my holidays on Friday so no obligations. What sort of ride did you have in mind?
  4. can we do a friday or saturday?...gotta work sunday...
  5. I was thinking of a route taking in one, some or all of the following:

    Or any other route that someone cares to mention as I'm easy.

    I propose Saturday with an early start of say 7am at one of the above spots and go from there. We can collect people along the way as it suits.

    Any other suggestions?
  6. The 29th is looking good....dunno about the 7 am start...im coming from Brissie....
  7. I'm flexible so nominate a meeting place and time
  8. Are u on the sunny coast already? Or will u be riding from Brissie? I will be coming from Brissie...so somewhere along the way for a meet up is good?....8 am sounds good....i gather you know some good spots over there for a ride?...
  9. How about meet at the BP servo on Steve Irwin way, Glenview. Google Maps

    You guys can pick a time.
  10. Decent run: Sunny coast

    Back roads to peachester, then stanley river road up around to Maleny, then down the hill to Conondale and across to Kenilworth. Up Obi Obi into Mapleton (fuel here) Then cruise along the top into Montville before either heading back down the range through Palmwoods/Eudlo/Mooloolah and leading to the highway, or continue across the top of the hills down into Landsborough again and to the highway.
  11. Sounds good to me & no issues with the meeting place.

    I'm happy for Raid to nominate a time since he has the farthest to travel.
  12. Sounds ok....how about 8.30-8.45 at the suggested meeting time? Can i have phone numbers please, just incase i **** up and get lost? But i should be able to find the servo on Steve Irwin Way, is there only one?
  13. It is the only BP servo, if you come in from the Caloundra/Landsborough exit of the highway then it is just a couple km up the road on Steve Irwin way.
  14. Ok....see you then about 8.30....
  15. I will be on a green ZX6.
  16. 8.30 it is and I'll be on a red Ducati Monster.

    Any others also welcome
  17. Well just got home, not a bad ride all in all.

    Was good to meet you two.

    Here you go Raid, this is the route we took: Google maps link
  18. I agree, was nice to meet you both and enjoyed the ride.

    Hope to snag a few more next time we go.
  19. Just a quick snap from Howels lookout.

  20. Good to meet you both...really enjoyed it....thanks for showing me around! You guys are good riders, see u next time!