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Sunny Coast chick newbie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by quixotic, Oct 7, 2006.

  1. Hi guys and girls,

    I'm 21 from the Sunshine Coast and have enjoyed reading your forums for a few weeks now. I've just bought my first bike ZZR250, I pick it up on Tuesday (cam't wait).

    Thanks for the wealth of tips and info on here, what a great site. Look forward to getting to know everyone and asking heaps or really stupid questions.

    Anyone on the Sunny Coast keen to mentor a newbie? I'll pay in beer :D


    E x

  2. Welcome quixotic

    Im sure there would be some1 who would be more then happy to receive payment in beer for taking a newbie under their wing.
  3. Welcome... mmmn I'm a bit south of the sunshine coast for quick meetings but i'd like to meet up if you keen for a ride day? their great confidence builders especialy for newstarts... Plus if your heading down to the goldcoast send me a pm and I'll try and catch up.

    There may be an other alternative as I head to brisbane every other weekend to visit my brother... But if it pointers everyone here helps...
  4. nice bike, identical to my old zzr. the dark purple option is hot. :wink:
  5. i always wanted one of them when i had my l's....lovely :grin:
  6. Hi Ex,
    Newbie to Netrider myself but been biking for long time now. Located on the coast and always looking for more people to go riding with. We have some great rides up on the Sunny Coast and would be happy to have you along one weekend. Also pass on some knowledge about servicing that new ride of yours.

  7. Hey ya quixotic welcome, and enjoy your time here.
  8. welcome and great first bike, stay safe. I am in brisbane on southside
  9. welcome welcome!!!!
  10. Thanks for all the replies. I don't kid myself that i have any great riding experience, next wednesday I'm doing a Qride introduction to bikes 4 hour course but the problem is i haven't got someone to go out for a ride with me.

    thanks for all the support,


    E x
  11. If I wasn't so snowed under at uni I would gladly join you on the ride. :( I'm in brissy but I enjoy the roads up the sunshine coast way, so next time I'm up there I'll let you know.

    Welcome to netrider!
  12. Now ain't that truly strange... St Simon the Scurilous used v-quixotic as his nick, and he came from up north too... You don't know the person, do you E x??

    Anyway, welcome to Netrider and the wonderful world of motorcycling. And since you are in the sunshine state, please now repeat after me, "I will not squid"!!!
  13. its 6.50 am, turn ya bloody computer off Paul, you have a daughter to marry off :)

    Oh yeah, quixotic, welcome.

    Will we see you at the Motorcycle expo on the 3/4/5th?
  14. :LOL:

    Mate I'm ready, showered, shaved and I've read my sermon over three times....

    In the lounge room, however, it's hairdressers and makeup and cubic chick-talk :LOL:

    Thanks for your good wishes, too, they're appreciated.
  15. Welcome Quixotic, hope youn enjoy the ride
  17. Thank you also to those who PM'd me, I'm not being rude, just need a couple more posts before I can reply :(