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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by polarwarp, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Anyone know of a good place to get shatter proof sunglasses?

    I tried the city motorbike stores - but only found one place who had them on display - and all they had were big bugeye looking glasses.

    I just want normalish looking sunglasses that fit under my helmet and are safe :)

    I've seen a few websites - but would prefer to be able to try them on to know if they fit my head, etc..
  2. Go into any safety shop and pick up a pair of tinted safety glasses (though even the clear ones block UV). They may not have any fancy brand name but they're just as good (if not better) at protecting your eyes and the best part is they're so cheap you can easily pick up several pairs and not have to worry so much about losing/breaking a pair.
  3. I find that my cheapest, oldest pair is the best for riding. I step on them all the time but I just pop the lens back in off I go. Yay for plastic :)
  4. Safety specs from Bunnings, $20 and on your way. I keep my "cool" ones in under my seat for when i get off the bike. :cool:
  5. How ironic :)
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: send that to Alanais Morriset!
  7. Try the Fuglies link on Netrider!.

    Have 2 pair, and they are fine for riding, even without a visor.

    get em!
  8. Which is how Bunnings makes its money. From a safety shop you'd only be paying around 5 bucks, certainly no more than 10 even if one pair was all you were buying.
  9. +1 on the safety specs. I wouldn't ride in anything else. You can even find some decently styled ones (if you like wraparounds, which I do) with a bit of effort.

    Got some Bolles at the mo which are, to be honest, sh*t. Don't stay in place and have a piece of frame right where it pisses me off when doing shoulder checks. Back to No-Namo specials as soon as I can get to a safety gear suppliers.
  10. Wiley X - pretty sure they are shatterproof and you can change lenses to orange or clear.
  11. "Mack" (as in trucks) make good safety glasses that dont look crap, fit better than some of my oakley's. They are $30 from any safety/engineering shop. I have a clear pair for lathe/miller work and a tinted pair for the car/out doors work. On the bike i wear a tinted visor or tinted goggles when i have my MX helmet on :wink:

  12. Any acrylic lens sunglasses will not shatter, and will be polarised too. I swear by $10 Cancer Council sunnies, the black plastic framed ones with really flexible arms.

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. I've got a pair of plastic framed, wrap around Arnette's. Very nice, they fit really snugly against my face. I've need prescription lenses in sunnies, so I get nice sunnies.
  14. blah blah blah...

    not too worried about peripheral vision, try these:


    all the cool kids are wearing them. :LOL:
  15. hmmm yes and lead the way im homo.... im mean metrosexual looks :shock: :LOL:
  16. PatB, take your Bolle's to an optometrist and get them adjusted to fit better. They might even be able to bend them so they are more wrap-around. Take your helmet with you.
  17. Try the Fuglies, bought a pair at Melb Expo and really comfortable, fit under helmet really well.
  18. Thanks for all the posts!! I ended up getting the trio set of ugly fish glasses as I ended up at our local shop on Friday afternoon and they had them all set up to try. I did email the fuglies email address to find resellers but they only came back with potentially mitre 10 stocking them.

    I shoulda been more organised at the expo - but one person told me that I could get them a lot cheaper at some auto place (ie. that they were marked up for the expo.. can't remember which brand though). Plus I wasn't really in the mood then!!

    Anyways liking my glasses - at first felt a bit weird but after a decent ride in them didn't notice them anymore (just enjoyed the lack of sun glare!!)
    If they don't last then I'll check out the safety glasses :)
  19. Thanks for the tip Carol, but I've now ditched them in favour of a pair of cheapies from Work Clobber. Vastly superior fit, no annoying frame anywhere and a quarter of the price.

    And they keep the wind out better.
  20. i get mine from the store room. :cool:
    bolle safety glasses, and i believe they are only $15 a pop for regular peeps anyway.
    3 piece, two arms and the lense-frame (which is one piece, so no pop-outs) and the arms are flexible enough to not bother me on longer rides.

    edit- just like these http://www.opticsplanet.net/picture-1-bolle-viper-safety-glasses.html