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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Youngen55, Feb 17, 2015.

  1. Hi guys,
    Looking for some input on what sunglasses are best to ride with a full face helmet

  2. I've never had a brand name pair, but I think the foam backed ones are best. They should be pretty comfortable for longer rides.
    I'm finding that in full summer it's handy to have a bandana or something to cover your face and help protect from windburn.

    I was first recommended to find some full wrap safety glasses that sit nice and close to your face.
    They were OK.
    I picked up a couple of no name pairs at an expo (toy run at Calder) a few years ago and they have been fine. A black tinted pair for normal daytime riding, and a clear pair for when I'm out after dark. Foam backed with some small bevels/contours to help reduce fogging.
    Everyone's head shape, eyelash length and eye width are different so you just have to find some that you're comfortable in.
  3. I like polarised lenses. I've always just bought sunnies from the servo.

    Helmets like Shark have cut outs for glasses arms which stops the helmet from pushing the sunnies into your temples.

    If your helmet doesn't have those cutouts, perhaps aviator style sunnies with thin wire arms would be more comfortable.

    Polarised lenses are great for riding, the filter reflected light of surfaces which cuts down huge amounts of glare. this means less eye strain and less fatigue.
  4. Agree,

    When wearing helmets with a clear visor, I like to wear a pair of polarised oakleys with one of those cheap rubber lanyards if I'm on a longer trip and don't want them to slide at all.
    Depending on what helmet you have, you may be able to get a cheap tinted visor to change out for day rides.
  5. Ones that fit under the helmet. Polarised are good.

    At the moment I'm using safety sunnies I got from work cause I broke my other ones. They have skinny arms so they're comfy under my helmet.
    And as a bonus they're impact rated.

    Also raided works clear safety glasses so have a few different types for my open face helmet.

    That said, a tinted visor was the best thing I did with my full face helmet. Just don't get caught out if it gets dark.
  6. I agree, polarised works well, although i'm some light conditions it makes weird colour effects.

    From experience, i feel the flip down visor in a helmet works best but not all helmets come with them.

    Servo sunnies seem to be the norm.
  7. +1 for polarised servo sunnies
  8. I don't like polarised lenses - they can make LCD displays unreadable from some positions and angles. Problematic if you have an all-LCD dash.

    I tend to like frames with solid posts so I can just jam them in there - thin posts sometimes like to follow the contours of the lining. Wraps are good because they protect your eyes from the wind and light debris, which is nice for when you want to ride visor-up.
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  9. Helmets with internal sunvisors are amazing, would definitely consider that when it comes time to replace your existing helmet. I've found sunnies made for cyclists tend to be close fitting and fit well under a helmet but they're usually pricier than what you'll find at a servo.
  10. $5 wrap around smoked safety glasses for me - the ones with slender arms. Work well with my head and shark helmet.
  11. Go polarised, don't spend a fortune, make sure they fit in your helmet.

    Oh and the 2 Shark helmets and 3 Bell helmets I tried on recently didn't accommodate my glasses.
  12. My Bell doesn't need to fit sunnies, it has the flip down internal visor, it works a treat
  13. Does it reduce glare enough? My other shark is an Evoline with the internal visor and I still wear sunnies underneath it.
  14. Probably not as much as some would like/need, but it is perfect for me
  15. I have a Shoei helmet and the Polarized lenses make lots of rainbow patterns when the visor is down so not my first choice for the bike. That said I ride with it up 90% of the time. Had a pair of ugly fish and these were good but after 20,000 km touring trip they were munted due to scratched lenses so obviously not up to the constant "sand blasting" of the Aussie outback roads.
  16. Polarized sunglasses often show a rainbow effect when worn behind a clear visor - certainly do on my Shark helmet. I'd prefer the polarization (sensetive to glare) but I just can't wear them because the rainbow effect is very off putting. If you're thinking about Polaris glasses, I'd suggest trying them in your helmet with the visor down before handing over the cash.

    As a side note - does anybody know of a replacement clear visor (or a specific helmet) that doesn't have this effect? I'd really rather wear my sunglasses than use the tinted visor which offers no glare reduction whatsoever.
  17. I have a Bell RS-1 helmet with a clear visor. I tried polarized lenses but they had a weird colour thing going on with the visor down.

    I now use Bolle safety glasses which I get from Reece Plumbing supplies for about 20 bucks. They are wraparound with no ear hook so they slide in easy. You can get them in clear, smoke, yellow etc
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  18. I use polarised sunnies, with brown glass, as I prefer the colours for riding and driving. Some thoughts:

    Polarised sunnies provide "chromatic" effects with your visor, patches will appear to be pink, or blue or yellow. You get used to it fairly quickly, and don't notice it after a while.

    I found that interval visors didn't cover the whole of my vision like my sunnies did, therefore it was a waste of time for me. I would not look for drop down internal visor on my next lid. I will bring some sunnies with me though to make sure they fit.

    I tend to lift up my visor when riding under 80kms to allow for greater airflow. Sunnies protect my eyes from dust and bugs at this speed.
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  19. I use Cancer Council polarised sunnies in my Bell RS1. Speaking of, Sunglass Hut are having 40% sunnies at the moment. Use code FE1 of FP3 at the online checkout.

    I sound like a damn rep but I swear I'm not!
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  20. I dont mid polarised but its hard to get them in Photo chromatic lenses. 7 EYE do them with the air shield that are great with an open helmet also. If you ride a bike and dont know what these are then you should!
    At the moment though im using Rudy Project Magster in grey Photo Chromatic lenses. A couple of weeks ago i went from Sydney , up the Putty well before sunrise and then to Wolombi and back home in the sun without touching my glasses. Not bad!
    Cant do that with your cancer council glasses.