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Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Mr Messy, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Hey guys!
    (Yes i tried searching...)

    I bought myself an open faced helmet today, just for warmer days :p.
    Instantly i realised that i need to get myself a set of sunglasses that suit the helmet - ie ones with padding that stop crap from getting in my eyes!

    Im doing a bit of a hunt online for likely products, and have included a list below of the best ones ive been able to find.
    If anyone has any experience with these, or can suggest a nice set of sunglasses to do what im doing, id love to hear about it!
    Preferrably id like polarised glasses with at least a low impact safety rating.


    http://www.fuglies.com.au/polarised_safety_sunglasses.html <--- these are polarised and safety rated, but im not sure the padding they have would be sufficient to protect at 100kph+ with the wind/dirt/dust in the face.
    http://cometeyewe.cart.net.au/details/2199387.html <--- these arent polarised nor safety rated, but they cover the padding base well i think... plus id be able to see as i drowned after riding into a lake...
    http://cometeyewe.cart.net.au/details/2199383.html <--- this one might be a winner... but id really like to keep polarised sunnies :p.
  2. Haha, exactly goz :p.

    Im tempted by the following to fix that:
  3. shame theres no motorcycle shows on soon, could of tried on a big range and see what fits u best
  4. Yeah, there isnt much option around me unfortunately, only motocross goggles :S.
    Never mind though, ive bitten the bullet and bought a set of photochromatic padded ones from fuglies. Although not polarised, i can use them day and night then, in case i get caught out in the dark with the open faced helmet and have bugs to contend with haha :p.
  5. I've been very happy for years with $10 safety glasses from my local workwear shop. Comfy, robust, good fit, impact rated. Everything you could want in a pair of motorcycle sunnies in fact.
  6. I have the Slabs (Smoke Polarised Safety Sunglasses) from Fuglies. I found the foam padding around the rims works well at keeping the dust etc out. Not the most fashionable things off the bike but meh, they do teh job on the bike.
  7. Thats all i needed to hear Burnesy, hopefully ill have mine today :).