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Sunglasses Suggestions

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by dags99, Apr 26, 2013.

  1. Hi all,

    apologies, but I have not found any threads on sunglasses.

    As a newbie I am just hoping for any suggestions the group may have towards any specific sunglasses.

    At present I have an old pair of polarised ray bans which are ok, but don't sit quite right in the helmet.

    BTW, my helmet is not the open faced type.

    Anyone care to suggest any brands/models that suit learners that are reasonably priced with a durable frame?

    Appreciate any feedback.


  2. It depends more on the helmet and your head shape than the sunnies. I wear a pair of Police glasses that are fine for me but who knows for you (well until I sat on them the other day). Best way is to go to a sunglasses shop with your helmet and find a pair that fit comfortably. Some helmet and head shape combinations allow any pair of sunnies you can imagine without discomfort, others will struggle to find a comfortable pair. If you're in the latter category you may want to go the tinted visor option.
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  3. Ugly Fish
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  4. Agree fugly ish. Get the 3 pack comes with tint amber and clear lenses
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    Best glass polarised lenses in the world!!

    Aussie made Aussie owned!

    I have been loyal to spotters for over 6 years now and am yet to find a better lense on the eyes!

    You can try them on at BCF or any big brand fishing store like Tackle World and then search the style you like on eBay.

    They are completely salt water proof for those fishing trips and they wash up fine under warm water and soap and the lenses are the best scratch resistant lenses again that I've found to date.

    The glass ones are between $200-300 and they do a plastic lense that can be had for about $150-180 which I haven't owned but are just as good as the glass ones when I've tried them on in the shops.

    I love them and will never buy anything but them!!

  6. Thanks guys. Much appreciated!
  7. Dont ride a bike with glass lenses unless you have a visor infront of you, which is often not possible with some glasses as the anti reflective coatings makes rainbows everywehre.

    I copped a rock into my glass raybans on the hbridge one day, shattered the lense but lucky for me it did not actually break, if it did, there goes my sight in that eye.

    edit: tinted visor is a much better solution and looks way less daggy, sunnies are only nice on warm days with the visor open or an open face.
  8. Best I've used is $30 polarised safety glasses from Bunnings, they look like Iridium Blue lenses, fit great under my helmet, better than my $200 Oakley's. I have a light tinted visor on my Aria full face and wear sunnies all the time
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  9. I've seen WileyX advertised as motorcycle friendly. I think mainly because they claim the lenses are very strong - not likely to get broken. I found my pair in the surf - well actually my son found them but I managed to persuade him to let me have them LOL.

    I have a pair of Oakleys which I like - bit more stylish and polarised.

    I agree that plastic lenses are better than glass.

    A good pair of sunnies and a clear visor makes more sense to me than a tinted visor.
  10. why? a tinted visor gives you better protection, does not involve any comfort issues, and gives you a far more consistent level of tinting rather than sunnies which might not fully tint your entire field of view. Also crashing face first while wearing sunnies might not be that nice.
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  11. I use a pair of mangrove jacks I think they were called. My only real concerns are; polarised, slim and fairly straight arms to fit in easily, and brown rather than blue glass.

    Anything more than $40 is a waste as I break the arms off them fairly regularly with my fat head.
  12. I wear prescription glasses.

    The best tip I can give you is don't buy glasses without first trying them on with your helmet, also don't buy a helmet without first trying it with your glasses on.
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  13. Cheers Mick. Makes sense.
  14. 1. not sure how a tinted visor gives better protection than a clear one???
    2. I have no comfort issues from either pair of sunnies I use.
    3. Not sure how tinted visor gives more consistent level of tinting??? My sunnies cover my entire field of vision. I'll take a pic so you can see what I mean.
    4. see point 1.
  15. the protection i was referring to was the habit of people wearing sunnies with out a visor.

    With a tinted visor everything you see will be tinted, sunnies, unless your wearing wrap around nanna sunnies will have gaps, a tinted visor is 100% sunnies are not, the gaps where your nose goes, the fact they can bounce around over bumps.

    Tinted visor is always a better solution, i would rather ride tinted all day then if it goes dark and im still out, chuck on the perspex safety glasses and ride home visor up. I keep them under my seat.
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  16. As a wearer of prescription glasses I can tell you that if your glasses and helmet fit properly the glasses won't bounce around over bumps.
    When I wear my full face helmet I wear non-tinted lenses but use a tinted visor if it's bright. However, if I'm wearing my open face helmet I wear prescription sun glasses (plastic lens)
  17. Tinted is different to polarised. I have tried tinted visor and polarised sunnies. Polarised win by a mile in terms of eye comfort.
  18. yeah, i do understand that i wear polarised sunnies almost all day. I wish i could get a polarised visor, but oh well.
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  20. I had a pair of bolle safety glasses that i got from work when i started riding.

    now i have oakley gascans (i think).. they're the ducati model anyways and it was $130 from ducati or $200 from oakley..... i got them from the ducati dealer :)