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sunglasses- fashion over function.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Aug 12, 2007.

  1. perhaps this should be put in the jokes and humour section cus i sure laughed when i read this:


    Driven to distraction by celebs' biggest hit


    hmmm, no mention of the danger to the other road users that these wannabe celeb princesses pose! :evil:

  2. F&*king hopeless, if they want smaller noses im sure they could pay for that pleasure, instead of looking like louie the fly.
  3. i wish som of the chicks i knew that wore those sort of glasses felt like a celebrity, cause id be more than willing to make a paris hilton style video with then.

    isnt it funny.. the chicks that should be sharing their faces with the world, cover them with these style of glasses. BUT the chicks that SHOULD be covering their faces dont go anywhere near them.. *sigh* :p :LOL:
  4. I knew a chick who bought a new convertible and crashed it twice in 3 months. When we asked why, she mumbled. Eventually we found out that because it was a convertible, she thought people would look at her and she didn't want to wear her glasses. So she couldn't see where she was going.

    We convinced her to get contact lenses.
  5. Big glasses, helping ugly chicks get noticed since the 70s.
  6. G'day everyone,.......

    Its funny the timeing of this thread because I read in the motor section of the paper the other day about 'Transision' driving glasses and was thinking if thay were any good to wear whilst rideing the bike,you can fit them to any frame the artical said.
    So if anyone rides wearing them,...are thay any good?

    Dr Who?
  7. I have a mate who has them and says they are no good for driving and riding... the change in dark v. light gets confused when travelling from dark to light to dark again (e.g. under trees etc).

    Also in a helmet that is shaded, or in a car where the roof provides shade, he says the lenses don't recieve enough sun to change to dark properly even though outside is bright.

    In these circumstances most people recommend normal sunglasses or none, and let your eyes do the adjusting.
  8. I recently went hunting for suitable glasses for riding with and all these chicks in sunglass shops couldn't get the point of why I didn't want $300 fashion glasses??

    I ended up getting two pairs of glasses from Parklea for $25 :grin:
    two pairs exactly the same... and exactly the same as the prior two pairs that got stolen and lost. Sports style wrap arounds with no bottom or side edges, and straight arms with no rubber grips. sooo easy to slide in to the helmet and nothing to block periperal vision.

    The way i go through glasses I wouldnt dare spend $300.
  9. I've long been a subsriber to the "$20 sunglasses to last me 6 months" school of thought. A couple of years ago I thought I'd lash out and spend a considerable amount of money ($100 GASP!!) on some "good" sunnies. 2 weeks later my dad sat on them... Never again. :LOL:
  10. I purchase $15 safety sunnies from a Safety Equipment shop.

    I find it hard to justify buying an expensive pair as I keep breaking/damaging them;
    Sitting on them,
    sliding off the dash going round corners and out the car window,
    badly scratched,
    broken by flying race car parts or rocks,
    and so on.

    I also keep a couple of spares in the glovebox.
  11. Pfffft. $20 sunnies? First pair $15 and discount on the second :LOL:
  12. My ProGrip MX goggles have that transition light/dark stuff going on. To be honest, you never notice in action. In bright light they're more subtle than normal sunglasses but still take the glare off, and when it's dark they're perfectly clear.

    Work a treat.
  13. I wear Ray Bans with polarized lenses. I love them for driving, it reduces glare, makes it easier on the eyes and I find I don't get as tired when i wear them because it reduces the strain in my eyes. For $250 they aren't cheap but for those of you with health insurance that includes a grant for prescription glasses, there are some optometrists that will write your sunglasses off as prescription glasses, that means you get them for free.