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Sunglasses and goggles

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by chilliman64, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. hi all,

    my sunglasses of choice when riding are polarised. my favourites are Ugly Fish glasses - Rocket, they're polarised with removable foam insert and short arms so they fit easily and comfortably under your helmet whether open or full face.


    I've had a few pairs of Uglies and find them pretty good for riding. with the foam insert removed they sit will on my face and the short arms don't reduce traction. I don't have hair so maybe grip is improved a little. the Rockets have an anti-fog coating but I find they do still sometimes fog if the weather is really cold and you are stopped but when moving they are fine. I have just bought my third pair of these and couldn't be happier.

    if I might be riding at night and I don't have a visor I will take a pair of clear or amber lense shatterproof glasses I bough off ebay. they are cheapies but the lenses work without distortion and have the removable foam inserts - brand is 'choppers'.

    I have thought about getting some goggles for the open face helmet but don't know enough about them and besides I'd still have to carry sunnies as drinking coffee and eating a pie with goggles on would make me look like a freaky madmax wannabe.
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  2. I have used them,gogles, for sking and dirtbiking. You can pay a couple of hundred bucks for hi tech ski goggles that work in whiteout, when you paying big money to be there it all helps. In whiteout you can hardly see your own feet when its bad. For Dirtbikes between $60 and $100, make sure they fill the helmet opening and they have a double lens to stop fogging. They feel horrible at first but after 10 minutes you don't even notice them if they are comfy
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  3. you da man
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  4. I have a pair of 100% googles and they work really well for me. Great comfort and no distortion.
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  5. I can't have anything cool, have to wear prescription sunnies, so mainly go for ones that let me see a lot as I have to wear stupid multifocals now...
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  6. I quite like the choppers.
    I have a few pairs and make sure I always have a clear set in my bag in case the weather changes or it gets dark.
    Wouldn't consider goggles for the same reason you mentioned. They might be a little more protective at night, but it's much easier to carry an extra set of glasses rather than a full set of goggles.
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  7. me also. i find transitional multifoal lenses are great. fyi in the sun they go dark in a coffee shop back to normal
  8. I tried transitions but found I didn't like them as much as I had hoped I would, plus I really only wear glasses for watching movies/tv, for driving I use the prescription sunnies mostly.
  9. did you know Uglies do prescription glasses?
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  10. Interesting!

    Will they make me look cool though? ;)
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  11. yes they will
  12. You Lie! Nothing would improve my ugly scone!
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  13. Only Rayban aviators are cool.