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Sunday Session @ Putty Road

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Ayo Kano, Mar 5, 2013.

  1. Hey guys just a quick slap together, short and sweet :)

    like and sub if your a youtube account holder thx
  2. What bike is the white one?
  3. WAY too close to the centre line on blind corners for my liking.....
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  4. Thanks for sharing. Looked like a great day for a ride!

    Just wondering is the song saying "... if we don't kill ourselves..." or "...if we don't KID ourselves..."? I'm hoping its the later lol
  5. i believe he says both haha first part is kill than the next verse is kid haha
    the white bike is a KTM 690 Duke :)
  6. I'm with @hornet - nice vid but please keep the fcuk away from the centre line.

    Pretty please?
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  7. Why you give me the finger? I am confused. You asked me to watch and then you gave me the finger.
  8. haha i have social issues.. lol na i seen you move the cursor towards the close window button ;) guess it was just a reaction
  9. I also share the concerns of Hornet and northerner - the KTM skirts the centre line WAY too much for my liking. He's just asking to be cleaned up by traffic heading the other way! That aside, I enjoyed the switching between the two camera views that made up the video.
  10. nicely put together little vid.