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Sunday ride....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by davidk, Aug 3, 2015.

  1. Yesterday the rain held off at last (for a few hours anyway) and I was able to get the Suzuki out for a ride :)
    It was very windy down here on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and I was glad that I didn't get a smaller and lighter bike as the wind gusts were very strong. I have only had the Suzuki for a few weeks and because of the weather ("well you will buy a bike in Winter" is what I keep getting told!) I have only taken it out a few times.
    I must say that every time I get on it the experience gets better and better....no doubt the confidence gained helps with this but also getting used to and appreciating what a fine bike the Suzuki is (y)
    In fact my only criticism of if at the moment is that I have to run it in and can do a max speed of 75-80kph for the first 1000klms! ...that is going to take a while :mad:
    BUT...the good thing about this is that it gives me 1000klm's to form a proper relationship with it...at this stage we are being a little coy with each other and not trying anything that could be taken the wrong way but I can see the makings of something serious there the more we get to know each other ;):whistle:

    arthursseatedited. arthursseatsuzuliedited.

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  2. Nice ride mate :)
    Good to hear its working for ya :D
  3. My first bike was the Inazuma, wonderful first bike. It took me on many long rides and even round the snowy Mountains!
    Only thing I can say is watch the rear brake light switch. It can get clogged with dirt and then the brake light doesn't come on when you use the foot brake..
    It's an easy clean and adjustment to rectify it.

    Good luck and happy biking!!