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Sunday ride to Marysville.

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by oztom, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. Taking my first ever ride (or drive for that matter) to Marysville from the CBD on Sunday and was wondering what to look out for (black spots and such) is the ride straightforward, any lookouts or things to stop at on the way? the wife’s on the back so I don’t have to worry too much about watching my speed.

    And a nice place to stop at for lunch.
  2. far as i know, marysville is still closed to the public, only locals allowed entry i think...

    still head up that way, maybe end up at alexandra or yea :)
  3. Yep marysville is still closed yesterday,you can get up to the town entrance but thats it.All fire affected areas have lower speed limits,st andrews 40k kinglake chum creek 60 ks blk spur first half 60 ks
  4. How about Kinglake then?

    Same questions apply as I have never been there also. :?
  5. kinglake is open now, but i hope you're not going just for a look. as mentioned, speed restrictions are in place across most of the fire damaged regions.

    should be a good day for it though :)
  6. Falling trees, ruts in the roads from where burning trees melted the surface, flying ash (it really gets in your eyes), roadwork teams, water trucks, tractors, landslides from the recent rains, and restricted speed limits.

    Oh yeah... and if it's just for a stickybeak, watch out for angry locals too. The few surviving businesses want us back, but the residents don't.

    It's mostly open, but it's not pretty up there.

    PS. Marysville is closed because it's just not there anymore. :cry:

  7. Not interested in seeing peoples bad luck.

    Had my bike for a month and haven’t been anywhere yet, looking for some nice twisty roads.

    And from what I hear they want people in some areas to help business along.
  8. Just stay away from those areas for now and ride in south gippsland.
  9. Did the Yarra Glen to Yea run last weekend, very slow run due to 'road works' -> 60 kmh. I'd give that a miss too.
  10. Should have bought a sportbike so I could ride around st Kilda and be done with it.

    One lot says go and one lot no.

    Give them a few more weeks, so I’m just going to Yarra Valley.
  11. Head out to Yarra Junction, turn right and go as far toward Mt Baw Baw as you want till you feel like turning back, grab lunch and/or coffee and fuel in Neerim.

    Or head up through the Black Spur, which is actually quite nice, and out to Alexandra, Yea, Strath Creek, Broadford and down the old highway home.

    I rode through Kinglake last weekend, won't go back there for months. The burnt out forests have their own beauty to my eyes, but then there's the burnt out houses, with d*ck's in inner-city 4x4s posing in front of them while idiot hubbie or wifey takes pics. I've never seen so many tourists in King Lake! Roads are slow, which I don't mind, except of course you spend the whole time with bogan P-plater or said d*cks up your backside. And every brunt house is just depressing.
  12. +1

    I've been in and out of the fire areas since just after they hit including Marysville and it's not pretty.

    I s'pose if you have to go for a ride then run through the Black Spur (60km/h from Healesville to the top and then 80 for the run down into Narbethong.

    I'd stop and turn back at the Black Spur Inn as there isn't much standing past there.
  13. probably a bit late for you but there's good riding around gembrook and cockatoo.
    kinglake is OK apart from the speed restrictions. you don't have to go into town if you come up from St Andrews and you don't see anyone. Toolangi is pretty much untouched and the tavern is open. be prepared for a shock though. also the roads are damaged in a few places and a bit rough so don't fang it too much.
  14. Wife did her back in so didn't go.

    next time
  15. I have never riden down there.
    Is it good?
    Would like to try some different spots like that.
  16. Well worth it. For a start, as I said above

    "Head out to Yarra Junction, turn right and go as far toward Mt Baw Baw as you want till you feel like turning back, grab lunch and/or coffee and fuel in Neerim."