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Sunday Ride into the Country - 19/02

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Garido, Feb 13, 2012.

  1. Anyone interested in going for a ride this Sunday? Planning to go through Reefton Spur to Buxton, Eildon, Jamieson and return (may be via Black Spur?).

    Meet: McDonalds in Mooroolbark @ 10.45 am
  2. Interested, any of those meets points alright
  3. Great Kat Rider. I'll specify the meeting point & time a bit closer to Sunday. You're ok with a 10.30 am meeting time?
  4. absolutely, time to roll outta bed and have 2 coffees
  5. coffee to help the no-doz go down.

    i'm in , lets roll
  6. I wanna come along! :dance:
    But the day has already been booked... :facepalm:
    Oh well, maybe next time... :nopity:
  7. I would so love to come but can't put a boot on yet. Enjoy all....
  8. Keen! ... Depending on the outcome of the servicing that is booked in on Friday. methinks there might be problems with overheating and nasty engine noises.

    Can you post a specific address for a meet point?
  9. Ok. Here we go!

    New meeting point at McDonald's in Mooroolbark at 10.45 am (you can get your coffees at McCafe then) :).

    We'll be heading to Warburton via Mt Evelyn.
  10. Why not post this in the Sunday Ride thread...?

    Seems to be the sort of ride that would attract those who do this and it's always looking for someone to lead a ride..

  11. possibly in depending on how tomorrow night goes.
  12. Would love to, but the bike is currently NFG. :-(

    Maybe next Saturday (maybe after the Learners session?) 8-[

  13. Any other takers, looks like a nice small group
  14. Would we be counting this as a learner cruise or something faster? Am interested but would call myself a level 2 rider, tops.
  15. It will be a leisurely ride. We'll adjust the pace to the slowest member. If you fall behind (in particular on the stretches where there's no turn offs for a while), I'll wait for you at the next corner. And if you don't turn up in a reasonable amount of time, I'll turn around and come looking for you. Likely, you will not fall behind anyway.

    There's a slight chance for some rain in the afternoon, so bring some wet weather gear just in case.

    I'll try to be at McDonald's by 10.35 am with a full tank and an empty bladder. :)
  16. I'm keen, what time do you expect to be back?
  17. Hard to say. I would suggest no later than 5 pm, but you can split off any time you like.

    Great if you can make it.
  18. This little noob is in - will probably bail early when I tire, but a few hours sounds ace.
  19. Thinking about it... If I come then I'll leave early.
  20. 5pm is good. Looking forward to it