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Sunday Ride - Gippsland

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Chlowen, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. Looks like a good route there!!!
    Will keep that one in the memory bank for sure.
    Actually planned on doing a few of those roads around Port Albert a couple of months ago but didnt happen, nice to here from someone who's done it.
  2. Cheers Paul, I've added that to my "to ride" list. :p

    I did the following route a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it:


    It's got a bit of everything, moderate to high speed country road (most of it), highway riding (Korumburra to Foster), and low speed twisty stuff (mid way between Warragul and Korumburra, and near Tidal River in the Prom). Lots of lovely views of the green Gippsland valleys. Nice beaches in the Prom.

    Annoyingly for me, I have to sit on the boring M1 for an hour in order to have a day in Gippsland. :(
  3. My suggestion would be to do Mansfield -> Whitfield -> Oxley.

    The Hume Fwy is policed and boring. ;)
  4. Guys theres way more than that to Gippy.... You only looking at a quarter of the roads
  5. SHUSH [-( I was down that way this morning , on a road you would appreciate PNUT , not that far out from Lang Lang.:)
  6. Sirprice,

    I live near Korumburra, there are some very nice roads down this way, which road were you on near lang lang?


  7. So how did the ride go? Doesn't anyone take the time for a ride report these days?

    If i'm not working this weekend i will organise a ride through there to open some eyes

  8. Make it Sunday and I'm in :D
  9. id be keen also :)
  10. Refer to previous post, riding out on the 22nd of jan.
  11. if is Sunday we (Crowey and I) will be keen to come along.
  12. Ill be keen for a Sunday gippsland ride.. this sun (17th) or next (24th).. or both!

  13. I'm keen to do this one guys, hows about we meet up at the servo at Lang Lang bout 9.00 - 9.30. Any takers?