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Sunday Ride - 15/05/05

Discussion in 'VIC' started by glipschitz, May 14, 2005.

  1. Well, seeing as no one has posted a ride for tomorrow, I better do something about it :p

    Leaving From: McDonalds Diamond Creek, Main Road Diamond Creek, near train station. View Map Melways 12 B6
    Time: 9.30 meet for a 10am departure.
    Route: Diamond Creek > St Andrews > Kinglake > Healsville > Black Spur > Narbethong > Marysville.

    Stop at Marysville for Lunch.

    We'll either head back via Reefton or back down the Black Spur depending on how people are feeling.

    Call me on the mobs if you need me... 0403 049 749.


  2. Sorry cant make it 2moro...got a 1.00 footy game...and not to mention my bike needs oil.

    I would of liked to come on this one too...bugger!!

    Happy riding!!
  3. Well you know I will be there, as we were just talking about it on messenger 5 secs before you posted it here :wink: :wink: .
  4. I assume that you mean 15th not 14th.

    I really want to go for a ride tomorrow, so this one or the MRAA one.

    Where the hell is diamond creek ??

    Im in Carrum
  5. Nope that one leaves from quist crt dandenong
  6. Oh well Tenoq...

    Now people have 2 options :)

    Might see you up @ Marysville.

  7. Yes, I do mean the 15th.... the dyslexia is setting in at this time of night :D

    Diamond Creek - North/East Subs... Melways 12 B6... See map in original post.

  8. For anybody interested in this ride. A couple of us will be leaving Bunnings Cranbourne at 8am to head up there.

    TimboVTR or anybody else if you want to head up there with us Bunnings Cranbourne is on the corner of South Gippsland Hwy and Tompsons Rd.
  9. Greg, sounds like a good idea a good ride today. If the group in Cranbourne want to catch up with me a Dandenong or something send me a sms 0411 477 497, otherwise I will just head to Diamond Creek.
  10. Yep, I'm up for this one. Damn site closer to me than Quist Rd Dandenong ;)
  11. Thanks Steve and Mipearson.

    We'll see you later on.

  12. Ugh, i hope everyones having fun out there today! I had an insanely late one last night doing my uni presentation. :( Just trying to convince myself in 1 week it'll all have gone away and then i get to RIIIIIIIIDE :D
  13. I just knocked off another rider..

    Well, it was a perfect ride today. Sunny, no wind, and alternating between a nice relaxing roll behind cars and a hell-for-leather blast through the Spur.

    And on the way home I caused Greg to come off his bike.

    I was accelerating behind a ute, and the ute suddenly stopped, and so I thought "I know, I'll use the bike lane". Of couse, Greg was in this lane. I thought that Greg might be in the lane, but it didn't register until _after_ I'd changed lanes. And so I saw Greg swerve and come off.

    Damage as far as I can see:
    Greg's gear (helmet/jacket/pants)
    RHS fairing, lower fairing
    Right indicator, rear brake lever, scratched exhaust

    It was only a low speed off, and Greg's gear took all of the damage, so fortunately Greg's fine.

    No, I'm not insured. I was saving up for compo. Fortunately, I pull home a decent amount each week, so I should be able to cover the financial side of this without selling the bike or anything. Also, I have a good credit rating and a loan that I can increase, so it won't take too long to get Greg riding again. At the moment I'm budgeting about $4000 but we'll see what the mechanics say.

    But... faaark. I feel like a goddam worm. Making another rider come off... how low is that!
  14. Damn... nothing much to be said, just mistakes happen. =\

    I'm not sure, but I thought that people could get third party, and then upgrade to full comp later; they refund the third party pro-rata for full comp.
  15. Glad to here greg is all right , and not seriously hurt .

    when riding that type of thing happens , as taka said
  16. blame isnt the object here , the rider is , so greg is ok and alive and kicking and that is all that matters.
  17. What the #uck. lets you guys out of my sight and look what happens. This can happen to anyone, at least everyone is OK, but not the across, well I got a few pics of today, but I am sure Greg's got some pictures of the damage as well now.

    Bit of a bummer about the insurance, but I am sure you guys will work something out.

    Cheers and thanks for the ride today.
  18. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the phone calls...

    I am fine, the bike is a bit worse for ware.

    Robert @ Motorcycle Logistics has sorted it out and it will be going in to Mike @ OCD tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help of everyone I called.

    Damage as listed above,..... what can I say... not quite the perfect end to a perfect day...

    Hopefully we'll get it sorted out soon and i'll be on the road in no time.


  19. sounds like GREG was about to pass you down the "left side" ??

    there is a common rule in riding, NEVER pass another rider down the left side.

    its in situations like the one youve described above that a rider may have to slow quickly and pull off to the left.

    although Greg may have simply summed up the need to go left before you and beaten you to it. :p

    just put it down to experience for next time..........
  20. Well thanks Greg for organising the ride today, was good bit of fun. The day started a bit chilly, but turned out to be fantastic. Went a bit harder on the way home via some twisties via Emerald etc, thought I was pushing it then 3 R1's passed me as if i was still in 1st gear.

    Also thanks to the great company:
    glipschitz Dad
    Realm + Family

    Total 6 bikes

    Here are the pics I took... Link to Ride Day 15/5/05 Pictures by vtrsteve