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Sunday morning - Galston Gorge > Wisemans Ferry

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by tiggers, Feb 9, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I have a few hours spare early on Sunday morning was thinking of trying this route for the first time. Anybody have any different route suggestions or have done it?

    North Sydney to the Galston, then on to Wisemans via the Old Northern, coffee, do the return run back the same way.

  2. if you've not done it before, just be careful on galston gorge. absolutely BEAUTIFUL piece of road! but twisty and a few hairpins.

    one of my favourite routes - enjoy it :)

    at this state, i don't get back to sydney till next weekend or the one after, so unfortunately can't come :(
  3. Thanks Holly, I've checked out a few vids on youtube - so have an idea of what I'm in for.

    Looking forward to Sunday
  4. Something like this maybe? and if your still fresh by the end of the run (and go through Bay Rd) you could also do Old Rd.


    If you love the "U" turn tests then you should be fine. Its one of the twistiest roads ive been on, it also has far more twists than Old Bathurst and the like. Its a bit bumpy and not well maintained. Its also very tight and with allot of traffic (although ive never gone there in the morning). Its a fun road and the last time I went through there they had proposed resurfacing sign, hopefully theyve done this.

    Be careful!!!!
  5. Thanks for the route idea Anz, I may take a look at doing that but it'll depend on time.
  6. Take care of the finer details, that route was just a rough one.

    Another that I havent done before that looks interesting is to cross Wisemans Ferry using the barge and going through:
    1) Wisemans Ferry Rd -> Old
    2) Wisemans Ferry Rd -> Popran Rd -> Cooks Rd -> Peats Ridge Rd -> OLD.
  7. Did the Galston Gorge early on Sunday morning then headed up to Wisemans for a bacon butty and a coffee.

    The gorge is absolutely stunning; just wish my skill levels were much higher 

    Left North Sydney around 6am and just getting light, easy cruise up the Pacific highway to Hornsby Heights only took about 40 minutes, stopped for a smoke at the look out just before you drop in to the Gorge. I was also trying out a pair of tourmaster airmesh tracker pants, I thought they were doing ok, but couldn’t work out why I had a wet crotch, thought may be some water had come in through the mesh……ahhhhh close the cap on your camel back so it doesn’t drip down inside your jacket and soak your boxers. Got that sorted then headed off.

    The gorge road was slightly damp but nothing to worry about and I pretty much had it to myself, totally enjoyed it other than running very slightly wide on one of the hair pins, and found it difficult to watch the apex on some of the sheer cliff left hander’s but I’ll be going back!!

    After leaving the gorge I headed up the old northern road to Wisemans ferry, here’s where things got a bit squirrely, the road was wet with a lot mist rolling in, I was having trouble keeping my visor from fogging and the wet roads kinds made me tighten up on the bike, stiff arms, rigid back and hanging on to the bars like it was my last beer. Knew what I was doing wrong then came round a corner with gravel across it and the rear wheel kicked out – no off but gave me a fright. Pulled over had a smoke gave myself a good talking to, waited about 15 mins then made an effort to hold the bar lightly, grip the tank more with my knees and relax…plenty of chicken wings.

    Got to Wisemans about 8 and had a bacon butty from bushie bites – this one gets a thumbs up, a couple of smokes and a coffe then turned round and headed back the way I came. The return trip was much better, was light on the bike and the roads being wet didn’t worry me, in fact, I probably rode harder on the way back feeling very relaxed.

    The only thing I think I would have done differently, if I had more time was come back via the old pac.

    All in all well worth it………can’t think of a better way to spend a damp Sunday morning.

    160k’s all up, left at 6ish back home by just before 10, and included two coffee and 3 smoke stops.
  8. oh a good ride :)

    i hate doing the gorge in the wet, kudo's on continuing!
  9. LOL - nothing wrong with moist gorge on a sunday morning :angel:
  10. Oooooooh that's where I grew up. I have done that road on everything. And off on a couple lol. Totalled my first Ducati on that road. Twas only a piddly two fifty but I have always regretted wrecking it.
    Scary part is I have not been back there since about 1980 ha ha oh dear Memories.
  11. If you're feeling a bit more keen, head further on to St Albans after Wisemans, good little Ye Olde Pub there, shady trees for lunch. Then head back to Wisemans either the same way or via Settlers Rd which is nice hard packed gravel. Well worth the extra kays.

    Also on your way up to Hornsby, Avoid the pacific hwy from North Sydney, I hate that road. Take the back way via Killara and St Ives. Turn right at Bobbin Head Rd, and go through the Nat. Park there and up to Mt Colah. Then make your way down to Galston. Sweeeeet.
  12. Whats the go at Bobbin Head Natinal Park,are they still charging to ride through.Take care on Arterial Rd,I have seen a couple of spots where the colar feelers hide,sneaky buggars
  13. Thanks cibber - I'll give that route missing pac highway a go:)
  14. Zim, I've never paid to ride through. It's always been after 5pm when I've been through there. I'm guessing it might be the same as the Nasho where they wave you through.
  15. My one and only attempt and they definatly want the bucks,I am thinking like West Head its $11 or maybe $15,and saying your just passing through when the gate is manned does not work.Very anoying when you have a $200 anual pass stuck on your car windscreen
  16. I went for a late afternoon ride out to Wisemans ferry via Old Northern Road on Wednesday. left at about 6 and got there about 7pm, so sun was starting to get a little bit low on the return trip. There was more traffic than expected, but still better than a weekend run and I really enjoyed myself for an afternoon blat except for the condition if the road.

    Basically wondering if anyone has noticed the road deteriorating in the last few weeks? I've done the same trip ~5 times in the last 3 weeks and I hadn't noticed the ruts, undulations, and pieces of road missing on the other runs as much as I did on Wednesday.
  17. going town to wisemans iteself the road has actually improved from a couple of months ago when they were doing some roadworks to stop the whole thing sliding down.

    Maybe im not as picky but I dont think the roads along wisemans is that bad, certainly just as bumpy on the upper part of Old Pac.