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Sunday MC gang feature. Who saw it?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bangalla, Feb 24, 2008.

  1. Did anyone else see this morning's Sunday program on Channel Nine? The feature story was about the proposed SA laws banning OMC gangs. I think that the piece was quite even handed and despite the gratuitous use of 'bad bikie' footage the guys from the finks were able to put their case fairly well.

    I think that the laws have very little chance of withstanding a High Court challenge. However if I were in these guys shoes I'd be registering my MC gang as a political party, you'd be amazed at how much freedom that would guarantee them.
  2. possibly some nice little tax-breaks, too
  3. As well as the ability to accept undisclosed 'donations' up to $10,000 from individuals.
  4. The proposed laws were pretty week, wouldn't stand up to a legal challenge IMHO. And all due to tenuous, unproven links between the 'gangs' and organised crime.

    But I lean towards the civil liberties side of the law...

  5. i hope the laws pass, and omcs are banned. it will make the future safe for my children.
  6. ^ +1. And stop global warming and lead to a cure for cancer. Governments should pass more laws as a work-creation program, to help the starving lawyers.
  7. OH NO!!!!

    I just joined NetRider... I could get done in SA :shock:
  8. I might be naive, but the crooks are not the problem. The lack of funding of the police is, and corruption. If you let crime exist, crime ,like a virus, will flourish.

    The way police acts is by monitoring the criminal activity for years until the end up with solid evidence to put them in prison. Although they end up cutting a head at the top, during those years, more heads have come up and the base of the crime gets foundations and expands.

    In New York a couple of years back they took another approach. They start booking everyone for everything. Graffiti, petty theft etc.. They harassed the base. Soon, there was none to do the dirty jobs of the gang. The gang died.
    They had to put more men on the street, which costs more and they didn't have any big headlines for the news to get quick promotions. However, slowly, crime rates dropped so much, that the face of the city changed...

    So how about, instead of playing around with civil liberties, we go outside clubs and rides and harass the lot of them. Make it uncool and dangerous to be part of this organised crime...

    Or else, they will make a political party.. after all, we already have a bikie leader in place :LOL:
  9. Supernego: that approach works as long as you have cops who can distinguish between criminals and ordinary riders. Otherwise, your 'zero tolerance' ends up becoming a massive, officially endorsed harrassment policy, of... us.
  10. That's easy.. ride a scooter like me :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
    An x8 which can carry under the seat 56 lt of smack or WMD !!!
  11. Caught the end of it. Arthur Veno had a good point - they outlawed the Hells Angels in Canada, and it resulted in retaliation towards Police much worse than before the ban.

    1%'s don't worry me, and I won't worry them :)
  12. when push comes to shove in all this, the authorities will lose.
    that is guaranteed.
  13. Undoubtedly.

    I was amazed by the attitude of the SA Attorney General though. Really very closed-minded, and not at all concerned about the possibility of infringing on constitutional rights. Absolutely gobsmacked as well at the fact that the legislation draws the line at 5 meetings per year.

    So, if there are 6 Netrider SA ride days held in a 12 month period, congratulations, we're an outlawed group? Tools. :roll:
  14. Can you honestly recall one issue that involved OMC's and the safety of children?

    In defense of the OMC's, I think they sound so cool on the road, not the nicest looking, but thats more a perception I suppose... I'm sure there's a little funny business going on among them, but there's funny business going on with a lot of "normal" citizens too...

    Riding home from Richmond to Penriff yesterday I saw at least 3 or 4 groups of what looked like bikers, with a few others among them, and I counted 10 (ten) highway patrol cars in bunches in and behind them... dunno what was but it sure was big!!! I'd say there were over 500+ of them!!!
    anyone know the occasion??

    But, back to the subject - I'd say the cops are worried, with the way they're going in staff levels etc we could be returned back to the gang rule of the old(er) days, wow... (now I'm dreaming :LOL: :LOL:
  15. even better again, register as a charity or religious organisation :grin:


    Do some research nOOb. Better still, read subsequent post before
    quoting :LOL:
  16. :rofl: :rofl:

    What if a "terrorist" group start a parasailing club. Nazi extremists opening a lawn bowling club.. Bikes have nothing to do with it. Any organisation is responsible for its members. If the way NR is been run gives an avenue for pedophiles to hang around and exchange photo albums, then NR is responsible for it and needs to closed down..

    They said that Canada made the clubs illigal and that brought nothing. That is not true. Canadian federal police has been chasing them the last 2 years and they have sent to jail numerous criminals and confiscated guns and drugs etc.

    One thing i don't get. If you believe that those gangs are criminals, then go get em.. Much easier than chasing any other invisible crime. You know where they are and what they do, so.. why need to ban them or start constitutional debates.. It's 1000 people, get their address, follow them, if they are selling drugs or whatever, apprehend them.. As i said, i must be naive..
  17. I did (and did) and couldn't find anything, hence my post... something wrong with that? :roll:
  18. i think joel was being sarcastic gilera