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Sunday Mail wants scooters for photo shoot!!

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by Anthony, Aug 9, 2006.

  1. I have just been called by Sunday Mail to do a story and photo shoot of Adelaide scooter riders.

    I want as many scooter riders with their scooters as possible to be available on Wednesday (16th Aug), at (5.30pm). The newspaper will take a few photos and we definately encourage any female riders to come along.... you know how it goes, they want to make scooter riding "socially acceptable" and "fun".

    I urge everyone to come along, vespa, honda, whatever you have.

    We need to publicise as much as possible and make people aware of scooter riders and scooter issues.

    Please contact me via email or mobile so I can let you know where to meet.

    scooter @ mrasa.asn.au
    (no spaces)


    0402 298 411

  2. I bet they'll only cast scootering in a "socially acceptable" and "fun" if you guys can get enough photogenic 18 year old female scooterists to turn up.

    That's how the photojournalism works in News Corp papers, isn't it? :grin:

    Seriously though, good luck with it. Although, given the calibre of Adelaide's print media, I wouldn't get my hopes up too high about this being a credible story that paints scooterists in an entirely good light.
  3. apparantly the editor is also a scooter rider, so I am hoping he would be kind. :)
  4. Rescheduled to same time and location on Wednesday (16th Aug)

    Photographer has been called out urgently, sorry for the inconvinence.

    Please re-confirm availability on here, or via email or SMS.

  5. 3rd time lucky... date changed.

    Same time and still Same location.

    Anyone else who can make it, please contact me.

  6. Yeah make all you scooter riders look good. But what about us riders that don't have sccoters huh? Whose going to look out for us? :p
  7. Pull your head in, sketchie.
    You had your chance to buy a scooter, and you blew it.
  8. I know... I cried about it for days. I want one now.

    P.S. I hope you went out for a ride today. Wicked day for one.
  9. Join the MRA if you want to get looked out for as a bike rider.

    Yeah today was an awesome day, heaps of riders were out. I even took my Repsol CBR250RR for a run after not starting it for 3 months.
  10. how many did you get anthony and did it make it too print?

    i work arvos so couldnt make it :(