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Sunday Mail - 'Deadly Treat'

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by i.d.g.a.f, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. this was an article in the sunday mail. absolutely ludicrous.

    This hoon is risking a small child's life as a reward for "being good".
    Both without helmets and wearing no protective clothing, they tear down a usually quiet toowoomba street on a high-powered trail bike. A friend says the rider was giving the boy a treat, but locals say he is simply a "bloody idiot" and police are considering charges. The incident was captured on camera by a resident of the street who has told police the man terrorised their estate with his hooning antics during a two week period last month


    But the most damning evidence is this picture (inset), which shows the toowoomba man riding the bike with a small child sitting on the petrol tank. "He's just a bloody idiot, and he's not a kid either. He's in his 30s and he's built like a prop forward" said the man who took the pictures


    A man who claimed to be a close friend of the rider said the incident had been blown out of proportion. "We had been fixing the bike during the day and the kid wanted to be taken for a ride. He had been a good boy so we thought, "Why not?"


    The child on the motorbike was not the rider's son. The mother of the boy has reportedly said she doesnt believe her child was in danger. The incident comes as motorcycle fatalities and injuries reach an all time high in queensland

    this is ludicrous :evil:
  2. saw this in the paper when i was up in byron for the weekend... are you saying the article is ludicrous or the rider's behaviour?
  3. the riders behaviour ......

    its stupid enough to ride without a helmet or protective gear by yourself, let alone with a small child onboard.
  4. Dont ya love a do gooder :eek: unless it was his child what the f**##@k has it got to do with him :p
  5. OMG, what an absolute idiot!!!

    What gives him the right to take the life of a child into his own hands.

    Even if it was his, it still doesn't give him to right to have the child on board without understandign the risks. (And being a child, they won't understand the risks..so it's just a flat out no, no.)
  6. here we go again, BTW ever do anything stupid on your R6?
    Thought so.
  7. Pfffft. Whats the world coming to? Are we supposed to sit at home wrapped up in cotton wool in case we scratch ourselves?
    You lot would have me locked up & throw away the key if you ever happened to see me blasting around the paddocks in my younger days with my younger brother or sisters sitting on the tank, hanging onto the handlebars for all they were worth, laughing the whole time. (still not sure whether it was sheer terror or enjoyment -but they always came back for more) No helmets, wearing shorts & Tee shirts most of the time. Might of ended up with the odd scratch now & then but we still look back & laugh about it today.
    You need to loosen up & live a little, not merely exist.
  8. Totally agree Roarin.......
  9. i 2nd that roaring...

    my cous used to take me out on the water on the jetski... i got to sit in front...

    we got some pretty decent speeds going... bounced all over the place....

    bucket loads of fun... no one got hurt... if they did... it was our own fault... we would deal with it

    my time again... knowing what i do now... i'd have still wanted to... closest i coulda got to being solo when i was like 9 or 10
  10. I highly suspect that this has been blown well out of proportion.

    Not saying I would do this but, dirt bikes are extremely noisey and are often perceived to be going quicker than they actually are.

    How old was the young boy? 10, 11, 12?

    I just think you could de-dramatise the story by half and have a clearer picture of what happened.

    Yes he's an idiot but perhaps a little hypocracy is happening here too?
  11. Yeah... throw caution to the wind. Why not. Getting some cheap thrills is worth the risk of putting your young kid in a wheelchair for life. Then lets see them live a little. As much as a lot of the "modern" laws have been driven by litigation and insurance companies, don't you think that in 20 years, as a society, we have learnt a thing or two? Like seatbelts. I remember lying on the back windowsill of the old valiant on holidays when driving up the freeway when I was a kid. Was it normal then? Yes. Was it smart? No way. We have learnt from having kids catapulted through windscreens in just such circumstances. I see it here in the Middle East, no kids are restrained even when their parents are driving like hoon P-platers at 150kph. But there is even a push here to stop this happening because too many kids are getting killed. You gotta think of the consequences.
  12. Cruising around a paddock its a bit different to screaming down the street...something are just stupid, wehther we all did it in our youth or not
  13. Build a fukn bridge some poeple.

    Why has it become such an issue for everyone to force their brand of politcal correctness on everyone else.

    Who from the country hasnt ridden without a helmet???

    And why the hell is this so important that its being published in newspapers.

    ill tell you why, its because the word HOON was quoted! Gauranteed to fire up the straw hat wearing camry driving "responsible" citizens of Australia.
    Give us a break already...
  14. No doubt you would like to hear the story about the potentially good/great off roader racer doing somthing like that and hit the tree. Yep, no gear. Yep Dead.

    Yes we may all do stupid things at times, but as we learn we stop doing things like that and certainly don't encourage behaviour like that. As to denigrating those that preach safety! Well.

    Kids don't know better, adults (?) should and not do that. What a thing to teach a kid. What will he do when he grows up?

    Who will take the blame when things go wrong?

    And Yes you can luagh you got away with it. Wonder if the rider from Maffra is laughing. Can't hear him from 6' above him.
  15. I can't believe you are all tapping away on your keyboards about how dangerous it all is AND YOU ALL RIDE MOTORBIKES. Quick, sell them before they turn round and bite. Then petition the government to ban them all. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.
  16. more than anything some peoples replies here have been blown way out of proportion.

    i do beleive yes that some of the opinions in the article are slightly exaggerated, and/or wrong.

    im only saying its ludicrous because its on the road, sure enough you can tear round an empty paddock on a dirt bike in nothing more than your birthday suit if you fancy so and i wouldnt say diddly squat. falling off a dirt bike in a paddock would (there are obviously exceptions) cause less injury than hitting an asphalt road at even 30kph.

    the child looks to be about maybe 3 or 4, max 5. a 5 year old falling off his first bike on a asphalt driveway at 15 kp/h causes cuts, bruises, gravel rash. and yes more serious injury.

    a cousin of mine, while learning to ride a push bike fell off with a drop of about a foot and a half and split his head wide open, simply going maybe 10km/h

    so how can some of you say that a 5 year old falling off a dirt bike (a considerably higher drop for a person that size) going say 30km/h, not really fast at all in the scheme of things. will end up ?

    cut, bruised, gravel rashed to hell and possibly worse.

    yes the story is ludicrous

    yes the actions of the man were ludicrous

    but god, think about what your going to say before you say it.

    there WAS a risk for that child to get hurt, all well and good the child did not fall off. in the case that it did it COULD have been seriously injured.

    would you feel guilty after a child falling off your bike, unprotected. while its laying on the ground screaming from the gravel rash on its hands/arms/legs/feet/face. i think so.

    pull your heads in and realise risks, at the same time dont take this as a "political corectness" lecture, or an uptight pensioner yelling about "kids these days, if its not one thing its another"

    im only the young age of 17, and i see this as stupid, risky and idiotic.

    wake up to yourselves
  17. *Blinks* - seems you might be confusing two separate issues here:

    1. Adult chooses to ride a motorbike
    2. Adult chooses to ride a motorbike with a kid on the tank who has no helmet

    It's one thing to choose to ride a bike knowing the risks, but to take along a kid with no protective gear is just plain stupid.

    Ain't no pot-kettle-black argument in my (maybe not so) humble opinion.
  18. Bikes don't bite. Idiot riders bite themselves. So do you ride a motorbike because it is dangerous? I don't. I ride it because it is fun and the best way to get around. It isn't the danger that makes it fun. The unavoidable dangers are something I have to balance against the pros of riding. Which is why I do everything to avoid dangerous situations eg. speeding, squiding, riding in blind spots. If you and others are willing to accept unnecessary danger brought on by a perception of the acceptance of the inevitible then go for your life. Feel free to wrap yourself around a telegraph pole. But don't assume that everyone else isn't doing their best to ride with moderation and utmost safety to avoid becoming a human crayon.
  19. Hey i.d.g.a.f. your seventeen and you are appalled at this guys actions im thinking your cousin who split his head on his pushi where was his helmet or his parents or his cousin ?????.Shit happens and as far as i am concerned its a media beat up from some nosey pensioner dude or doogooder .We all do stupid shit thats called living and learning some times its painfull and sometimes its just good fun :grin:
  20. he had a helmet, his parents were right behind him and i live in a different town. i was stating a possibility.

    sure it probably was a nosey pensioner doogooder. and iv done my large share of stupid shit. endangering only myself.

    im talking about endangering a CHILD of no more than 5 years old.

    if you injure yourself doing stupid shit you've got nobody to blame but yourself.
    if you injure a child doing stupid shit, its almost unforgiveable.

    the general opinion of the forum on the proposed law of "no pillions under 8" is that its a ridiculous law. even though those minor pillions will be protected.

    but you dont think an unprotected child as a pillion on a motorbike is ridiculous.

    once again, commonsense and thinking about what you say helps alot.