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VIC [Sunday] Learners/New Riders

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by uncosnail, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. [VIC]Sundays Learners/ New / & Cruisey Riders

    PURPOSE: For Learners/New/ & Cruisey Riders to have fun on a group ride

    WHEN: Most Sundays

    TIME/MEET POINT: Meet point and time will change depending on destination. Will mainly be a 9.30am meet for 10.00am departure. Check the thread.

    RIDES: expect a class two to three (beginner to intermediate). Rides will be a mixture of shorter rides and longer rides (you should be home before dark) and a slower pace than Saturday rides, but still at posted speed limits. Ride is lead by any one who would like to lead, but just remember it is a learner ride, so the faster you ride, the longer you have to wait on corners. LOL :)) There will be plenty of stops.

    WHO: Learners/New Riders/New to Group Rides and those who are after a more cruisey ride, or anyone who wants to go for a ride. Or maybe those who are not sure if a they are up to the Saturday ride (Level 3) standard and want to try it out. Anyone and any type of bike/scooter/pillion can come along. Any one interested in leading, mentoring, corner marking and Tail End Charlie, are also especially welcome. Tail End Charlies will be rotated throughout the day.

    For those who are more experienced and those on bigger bikes this ride may be a bit more of a sedate pace than what you are used to. Your licence points should be safe on these rides.

    Be on time at the meet point with a full tank of fuel.

    HOW-TO/ETIQUETTE: Corner marking system will be used and explained to you on the day. There is a really good sticky thread here on Group Riding. https://netrider.net.au/articles/?page=group_rides
    Above all else always ride your own ride and be safe and considerate of other road users including your ride buddies.

    For some basic cornering, get started advice, check this out. https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=111791

    Four bike lengths (Minimum) are required between you and the bike in front of you. Ride in staggered file so you can see past the bike in front of you. The Bike in front of you has the right of way, give them plenty of space if you want to overtake. Do not pass on corners. If you have a faster rider behind you, ride in the left wheel track of the road, when it is safe to do so, to let them pass. Eases the pressure on you and them. Ride at your own pace even if it is slower than every one else, we will wait for you. If any of the regulars want to lead a ride, or want to make an amendment to the ride route posted, feel free. Suggestions and ideas for future rides are welcome.

    See you Sunday!
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  2. Re: (VIC) Sundays - Learner/New Rider

    This Sunday the ride will be a "Ride around the Bay" using the ferry at Sorrento and travelling to Queenscliff. Ferry costs $31.00 (for motorcyles) (if you have a pillion, the price is a little bit cheaper for the pillion) and leaves on the hour every hour.

    BP Petrol station, 54A Marine Parade, Elwood at 9.30am for 10.00am leave, will be travelling the coastal road down to Sorrento via Dromana, Arthurs Seat and then travelling back to Melbourne via Geelong. We can also arrange to pick people up along the way.

    Being Anzac Day the following roads will be closed. Linlithgow Ave, Government House Drive, ANZAC Ave, Birdwood Ave & Dallas Brooks Dve, St Kilda Road and CBD roads.

    Ferry Details are here. http://www.searoad.com.au/flash/searoad.html Ferry trip takes 40 minutes.
    Ferry leaves at the following times - from SORRENTO at 7am, 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, we will be aiming to get the 1.00pm ferry, so should be in Queenscliff at 1.40pm if anyone wants to do the ride from there back to Melbourne. (thats if everything goes according to plan).

    Route Details Here
  3. Stickafied! Enjoy! :D
  4. A few people might be scared off by the $31 (deep pockets, short arms!!)
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  5. I think more people will be scared off by the Noojee ride comments. LOL :)

    Thats why I put the price in would rather them scared off here on the forum then at the ferry.
  6. Should be there....

    Agree with the Noojee ride comments.
    Couldn't get there due to unexpected work till 1PM but seems like doing my own thing later may have been a better option.
  7. Onya Jules for doing this.

    I'm a maybe for Sunday - a few family committments to sort out.
  8. Re: [VIC] Sundays - Learners / New Riders - Ride

    Nothing wrong with that!
  9. Good onya Jules, A couple of heads up.

    One of the Ferries, the MV Sorrento will be in Dry Dock getting her bottom scraped, a thing that all ladies have to have done apparently ;) so they are on a 2 hour turn around schedule now not a 1 hour turn around. So they leave from Sorrento at 7am, 9am, 11am etc etc.

    Secondly I can't find any reference to it on their web site but they used to offer a discount for group bookings, it may be worth giving them a call to see if that is still the case.

    For those that haven't done this trip before it is good fun and worthwhile. I take it as a common route to get to the GOR without the tedious Geelong rd. :) I will join you for this one as I need to get to Geelong for a social gathering that night. Happy to TEC but can only do it as far as Geelong. :)
  10. Re: [VIC] Sundays - Learners / New Riders - Ride

    Onya Julie, great stuff!

    You might want to edit the above to hotlink in the links :D

  11. Sounds like a great ride! Wish i was closer
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  12. We will organise a ride up your way soon SJ, and if you don't come along there will be words said ;)
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  13. Thanx for the advice CJVFR. :) And Arc as well, see what happens when you copy and paste. LOL :))

    I will give a call re: group discounts. Have never taken my bike on a ferry before so should be interesting. Definately a kodak opportunity. Will probably aim to get the 1.00pm ferry, but if we are there too early which I think we will be, could have lunch at the pub, or do a short ride around Portsea, Blairgowrie, or have an earlier departure time to get the 11.00am ferry.

    Hopefully a nice sunny day.
  14. Yeah , whats the go with them on a ferry ?

    do they tie them down ? or cross your fingers?
  15. Pending commitments will try to make it. Good on you Julz for being proactive and should be a laid back ride.

  16. On the cross bay ferry they don't tie them down, you are responsible for the bike. Put it on the side stand leave the bike in gear. If the weather is rough then you should stay with the bike.

    I have crossed on this ferry many times and only once had to stay with the bike, generally it is fine. Even in calm weather you should stay with the bike when the ferry is docking or undocking, it has been known to clip the mooring pylons which causes a shudder and may possibly upset a bike though I have never seen a bike tipped.
  17. No group discounts for groups with motorbikes or cars. Only discounts for foot passengers minimum 20
  18. what time are you expecting to cruz through Geelong as I live there and might join people on the final leg back to melbourne! Thanks
  19. I am not sure at this stage. I think we are aiming to get the 1.00pm ferry to Queenscliff, might be better if you met us at Queenscliff? If you know of any good roads back from Queenscliff back to Melbourne, would like to know.
  20. Juli, you are like a super angel godsend legend. Fantasic.