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Sunday Funny - And it's True

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by rc36, Aug 14, 2005.

  1. WHEN Melvyn Reed went into hospital for a heart bypass operation, his loved ones were anxious to be with him as he recovered.

    But things got unexpectedly crowded around the bedside of the 58-year-old car salesman. And while his heart was on the mend, three others were soon broken.
    For first, one of his wives turned up to comfort him. Then another. Then another. All within minutes of each other.

    It was only then that the three women, who live in different parts of England, realised the bespectacled, portly businessman was a bigamist who had been living several secret lives for years.

    Two weeks after he was discharged, Reed walked into a police station on the advice of his solicitor and admitted his deception.

    He was later given a four-month suspended prison sentence by magistrates in Wimbledon for two counts of bigamy.

    Recalling the fateful day the three women all turned up at the hospital, Reed told police: "Unfortunately, the timing of the visits went out of sync and they all arrived at once."
    His first wife -- his only legitimate one -- is said to be standing by him.

    courtesy of news.com.au

    In Australia, a man is only allowed to have one wife. This is called monogamy. It can ALSO be called monotony (but not by me)
  2. ....and, as everyone knows, the penalty for bigamy is two (or more!) mothers-in-law!!!!
  3. I've said it b4 but;

    "Marriage is a fine institution, if you like living in an institution"
  4. yeah.... Bigamy has it own punishments, but they double when you get found out.
  5. Magistrate: Mr Reed, I find you guilty, and I believe that a four month sentence is called for.

    Reed: Yes, your Honour

    Magistrate: However, you are guilty on multiple counts and a custodial term is insufficient punishment. I therefore suspend your sentence and send you back to your wives.
  6. Hard to argue with that; classic one, chairman.
  7. Bigamy is one wife too many

    but some might say

    So is monogamy!