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Sunday cruise

Discussion in 'Cruisers' started by chmeee5, Nov 5, 2009.

  1. If anyone is interested, I'll be taking a relaxed cruise this Sunday departing from Warrandyte Bakery at 9:30 and via the following to arrive at Olinda for lunch around 1pm. Not too many twisties but lots of easy riding.

    Warrandyte - Kangaroo Ground - Yarra Glen - Castella - Myers Creek Road - Healesville (Coffee) - Woori Yallock - Yarra Junction - Gembrook - Cockatoo - Monbulk - Olinda (Lunch at the pie place).

  2. I might be interested, will know a bit later in the week.

    Sorry can't make it.
  3. Where is this pie place i hear so much about?
  4. Count me in be great to catch up and see that sexy bike of yours again.
  5. Just had a read and read it wrong was last sunday ](*,) how about this weekend anyone up for a ride saturday meet b/marsh,greendale,blackwood for coffee,trentham,woodend for luch at bakey, up to mt macedon to memorial cross,gisbon and can end ride there or travel back B/marsh and end there???? who up for it
  6. Might be ok for Sunday. Have to work Saturday.
  7. I'm ok for a Saturday ride

  8. sorry mate fishing sunday will be saturday

  9. No worries joe. Bring your sons along to if they want to join as. Think Scott in going to catch up with us along the way. I will give you a call Friday night mate.Cant wait to catch up and show you some pics of ride we done.
  10. A Sunday cruise on a Saturday eh?

    That could work.

    Post the start location and time and if it's not too early and not too bl**dy windy etc, then I'll be in it.

  11. i will start a new posting, hope to see you there