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Sunday 9th of August Ride to Broadford Race Track

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by aero_nz, Aug 6, 2009.

  1. Hi Guys,

    There is a track day at broadford on Sunday, im thinking about heading up there to watch, and making a bit of a ride out of it

    Leaving St Kilda BP at 8am taking the following route;

    Probably head home straight down the hume after watching some of the track riding (track day 9am - 4pm).

    Learner friendly, all experience levels welcome.
  2. I put up a post on this also, heading up there to take part. Cya there
  3. Cool, what are you riding? I'll look out for ya.
  4. Look at the link below my name :wink: :cool:
  5. broadford

    nice one, see you up there! :shock:
  6. Could be interested tagging along :)
    Will keep you posted :cool:
  7. may also be interested, but don't know how long I would stay for and would probably go home via Yea.
  8. Might come down with my camera...
  9. I cant make the day but a good mate Phil (Chairman of Ride for the Hills) will be doing some laps on his lime green and green mirrored Kwaka 04 model.

    If you see him, say hi.

    Hes always good for a chat.


  10. i'll be coming along with a couple of boys. at the moment 2 but may be more.

    see ya'll @ 7.30am

    unless the weather is really really shit coz i'm sick as it is :p
  11. Sounds like we might have a few for the ride up!

    I'm a bit skeptical about the weather, saturday looking good hopefully it continues onto sunday! :)
  12. I was planning on attending the track day but the day snuck up a bit too quick on me... Might come for a ride to spectate, will see how i'm feeling sunday morning :)
  13. Another possible maybe here also
  14. weather looks sh!t
  15. Weather now predicted dry, although cold.
    I'm going up early to participate. See you there!
  16. Hey guys, looking good for tomorrow now, cool but no rain

    Morning Mostly Sunny. Cool. 12 km/h
    Afternoon Mostly Sunny. Cool. 9 km/h
    Evening Drizzle. Broken Clouds. Cool. 9 km/h

    See ya at St Kilda BP 8ish for 8:15 departure.
  17. thought it was 8.30 departure.. ?
    never the less; ok
  18.  Top
  19. #84 is my friend Paul
    The blue/yellow R6 with no lights is his friend Tracey.

  20. No worries!!!! This was my first time using this camera and first photographing fast bikes. Small world.